Bridal Mask Ep.23 preview + translation

Source: KBSdrama


MD: Young Master…
KT: How did I get here?
MD: You knew that RaRa knows you’re Gaksital?
Shunji: What friend? With a Joseon person!!?(not sure on this).
-in police station- How should I catch you? Kang To ya, you didn’t know? Gaksital… Why? You don’t like it?
Dong Jin: Please accept my bow
Yang Baek: (Didn’t understand)
KT: I have a good idea
Koiso: Superintendent…Gaksital has just appeared in Kyeong Seong(burning something?)
KT: (Didn’t understand)
Abe: (Talks about Gaksital burning something)

Source: Gaksital’s facebook


8 thoughts on “Bridal Mask Ep.23 preview + translation

  1. i’m worried that kang-to might not know that shunji already knows he is gaksital, so his plan might actually fail :X

  2. Yang Baek: We’re planning the second Manse (independence) protest
    KT (3rd): If possible..
    Koiso : Gaksital is burning family records of Kyeong Seong!
    Abe: Gaksital is burning Yeongdeungpo Office (police)!

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