[Engsub] Win Win Ep.46 (Joen In Hwa, Joo Won, Yoon Si Yoon cut) – daily motion updated

Daily motion:


Sub by: yoonshinli

Since many people commented to me about they couldn’t watch the old video I uploaded so I did it again and upload it again, hoping that it will work this time ^_^


18 thoughts on “[Engsub] Win Win Ep.46 (Joen In Hwa, Joo Won, Yoon Si Yoon cut) – daily motion updated

  1. yeah, it’s still blocked. once you upload something belonged to KBS, youtube will directly block it. can you please upload it at Dailymotion instead? from what i can see, they don’t remove copyright videos there. thank you so much!! or if you find that troublesome, can you please just give us the download link/torrent link? i’m dying to watch it~ really appreciate your effort~

  2. awwww.. it says it’s FIXED but i guess not.. i was really exited when i saw this and i really really want to watch this episode.. :(((( can you please re upload this again? HELP!

  3. now i’ve just watched it for the 7th time. am i going insane here? i remember looking for it practically everywhere and now i just want to take my fill. i’ll stop raping the replay button maybe after 5 more times FOR TODAY. LMAO!

    @yoonshinli i’m just stating a fact 🙂

  4. It seems that Joo Won has lots of charisma.. all of his co stars like him very much. His mother in BK, grandmother in OB and his hyung in BM.!! He is so well loved by all hyungs in 1N2D too!

  5. Thanks a lt yoon sshi!!
    I watched this video before without subs but now thanks to you, I understood all of them.
    And I admire Joo Won sshi one more time! What a polite, thoughtful and talented man he is! <3<3<3

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