Bridal Mask Simpsons Version ‘Which One is Who?’

The Simpsons version of KBS2 drama “Bridal Mask” was revealed, becoming an issue.

Recently, actress Han Chae Ah from the drama “Bridal Mask” posted on her twitter, “Bridal Mask Simpsons version, which one is who?” along with a picture.

The picture was of the characters in the drama “Bridal Mask” turned into American TV animation ‘Simpsons’ version. In it were all of the main characters of the drama, including Joo Won, Jin Se Yeon, and Han Chae Won. The characters that died during the drama were also drawn with halos on top of their heads.

Internet users who saw this commented, “This is so creative”, “This is so good”, “I want to try watching ‘Bridal Mask’ in a Simpsons animation version”, etc.

Photo Credit: Han Chae Ah Twitter



6 thoughts on “Bridal Mask Simpsons Version ‘Which One is Who?’

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  2. i think the jin se yun’s character look different compare to her but for other characters are totally exactly same to the persons…

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