Joo Won, the Genuine Instrument, Becoming the Uprising Lucky Star

Through KBS Bridal Mask and National Variety show KBS 1N2D, Joo Won has conscientiously left a good impression. Of late, he has been called the super rising lucky star. Among the 20th generation of actors, having the acting chops and the quality of a star, he has started to have a firm seat in the audience’s hearts. He meets with Enew reporter(some title being mentioned).

Joo Won, the high school student with dreams of being an actor

Joo Won did not just burst into the scene like a comet. Because he wanted to change his introvert nature, with the support of his parents, from middle school year 3, he stepped into the world of drama, starting his dream to be an actor. He entered first into an Arts and Drama high school then Sungkyunkwan University, studying theatre and arts. Because he wanted to do what he loves, in university, he worked harder than anyone, and acted in many plays progressing towards the bigger stage. With his love for singing, Joo Won started his activities with a group –Frees in 2005, but the real work came in 2006 with the musical “Altar Boyz”. In university, under the push of his seniors, he join the audition of ‘Altar Boyz”, armed with singing and acting ability, he naturally landed a role. However the professional stage is unforgiving. Even though he suffered setbacks, he never gave up. From the musical “Singles” , he started to get back his confidence. He even starred in “Spring Awakening” as the lead actor, with his good performance he became the blue chip in musical theatre world.

The Biggest Benefactor of “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”

At the time he was acting in “Spring Awakening” , in 2010 he signed on with Sim Entertainment Agency, becoming colleagues with Kim Yun Seok, Uhm Jung Hwa, etc sunbaes. With his height of 185cm, full of charismatic good looks and acting ability, he firmly attracted the attention of Sim Entertainment Agency representative Shen. After his signing, he quickly became the limelight.

Within one month of signing the contract, he took on the role of the male lead in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, the antagonist Ma Jun.

In Baker King Kim Tak Gu press conference, this artiste named Joo Won attracted the attention of many reporters. For the first time standing on a big stage completely from that of a musical, looking very much like Kang Dong Won, his bright and strong personality and clear voice left a deep impression.

With the broadcast of Baker King, Joo Won received the concern of viewers and won their love. Ma Jun’s craving for love, but only knowing hate, displaying these exquisite feelings, he become the antagonist that one is unable to hate. Obtaining the best result in viewership of more than 50%. Many people felt that the biggest benefactor is Joo Won, gradually being recognized by everyone, the advertisements, movies and dramas all came flooding in.

In the movie, Special Investigation Unit, acting as the FBI agent, the cool criminologist. Attracting 1.18 million viewers and receiving precious results from his first foray into movies.

Compared to being in the movie, Joo Won is even more vivid in dramas. In KBS “Ojakgyo Brothers’, he played Hwang Tae Hee, displaying many abilities and indeed added depth to his role. Losing his parents, growing up under the care of his grandmother, unable to act like a child, at the same time unable to throw aside the hurt of being abandoned by his biological parents, the show allowed Joo Won to show his acting prowess. Perfecting the suppressed character Hwang Tae Hee, Joo Won has a firm hold on the audience’s hearts.

Winning the hearts of the audience, hitting a viewership of 36.3%, he has again demonstrated his potential. His chemistry and devotion when acting alongside his co-stars, his unique acting skills is praiseworthy. With Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers, the success of these 2 dramas, he has received the title of “The Winner”

Bridal Mask’s Joo Won+ 2N1D’s Joo Won = Genuineness

The drama Bridal Mask to Joo Won is a gain but also a poison. The period drama Bridal Mask allowed Joo Won to display his range of acting skills, and proves that he is a multi-talented actor. The genre of the drama has also received a lot of love from audience of various ages.

However, it can become a stumbling block to one who aspires to be a Hallyu star in Japan.

Although to our nation, the Bridal Mask character is a hero, to the eyes of the Japanese, he is a terrorist. This is a piece of work that will inhibit the popularity of a star in Japan. Many actors have thus rejected the role. Of course, those who participated in the drama all had their own standards. But rather than just aspiring to be a Hallyu star, Joo Won wants more to be an actor.

As an actor, will you not desire to have a good piece of work? This genuine attitude has been demonstrated on 1N2D.  Rather than create an certain image, he worked hard and slowly but patiently showed his true self. Becoming the maknae, learning each  and everything alongside his hyungs. Though shy but with his hardworking manner, he receives good response from the audience.

Not as the actor Joo Won but as the sincere and genuine young man Joo Won, he undoubtedly became the cute maknae of 1N2D. Being aegyoistic with his mother, saying “Bbyong” on the phone; sleeping like a baby on hyung Kim Seung Woo’s bosom; taking off his cap revealing a bird nest like hair; his burning desire to win during Bokbulbok games, he has demonstrated the passion of the 20th generation.

Not cunning, doesn’t act smart, displaying an earnest and steady manner. Genuine is the word to describe Joo Won. He has displayed the potential of even finer works in the future, ascending to the position of a A listed star in Korea.

Source: Enews

Translated from Korean to Chinese: minidadalove

Engtrans: mrdimples


9 thoughts on “Joo Won, the Genuine Instrument, Becoming the Uprising Lucky Star

  1. Diligence + Sincerity + Cuteness + Naturalness + Talent = Our Gaksital Moon Jun Won<3

    All the words above about him are true! I also believe that.. No I'm SURE that he's gonna display much more successful works in the future.

    Thanks a lot for translating and sharing~^^

  2. What I love about him beside his superb acting is that he always sincere and be his true self. He has a cool face, but doesn’t afraid to show his cuteness and wacky side. Great Joo Won!! Yeah!!

  3. I have seen a lot of Korean movies but i never cry even in the movie ” Bread, Dream, and Love”. However, in Bridal Mask, i unexpectedly and persistently cry. when he cries, i cry. When he smiles, i smile. when he fights, i fight, especially when he hurts, i hurt.

  4. Great post. I wrote on my blog about Joo Won and genuine was the first word that came up in my head to describe Joo Won.
    One of the most down to earth actors I’ve seen so far in Korea. His simplicity, honest, genuine personality won me over.

    Thanks for sharing!

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