Kim Ung Soo “Joo Won is the key of Gaksital’s success, he is a great actor


“I think he is a great actor” the senior actor Kim Ung Soo gave that praise for his hoobae – Joo Won.

Kim Ung Soo plays Director of Royal Officer Konno on the drama “Bridal Mask” and he treats Joo Won very well.

In the recent interview, when talking about “Bridal Mask,” Kim Ung Soo said: “Joo Won performed well as Lee Kang To in “Bridal Mask.” He was worrying about it, but he was so diligent and worked hard that was why the drama got high ratings.”

He asked Joo Won: “Do you know how excellent you are?”, “Your ideal is great but for me, Lee Kang To now is more than great. From now on, don’t let your mind transforms to someone else, seriously!” After hearing that, he said “Yes” and smiled adorably. (Joo Won used his Japanese accent when saying “yes.” [as he would say to yes to Konno])

Kim Ung Soo has a reason to praise that “Joo Won is great” as there was a survey with some Japanese movie stars about “Bridal Mask.” Kim Ung Soo said that some prissy Japanese movies stars acknowledged Joo Won for his acting skills in Gaksital.

Kim Ung Soo emphasized that he had never heard of any statements from the Japanese that they don’t like Joo Won or Joo Won’s performance. He said that when he asked Joo Won, “How could you not film because of the reputation for Japan?” Joo Won just listened, then he continued to ask, “Because you beat the Japanese (in Bridal Mask), so that was why the Japanese will not like you? In the fans club, did anyone say anything to you [regarding beating]?” Joo Won answered, “No.” Kim Ung So praised Joo Won and explained that nobdy dislikes Joo Won at all.

“Kim Ung soo thought if Joo Won would be suitable to this drama? Because Joo Won has the overheight of the Korean at that time, but that is just something they were worrying bout. Kim Ung Soo said, “After Joo Won got used to his character he was able to performed well.”

“He did an amazing job. I was so shocked when I found out that he is amazing actor. If you go to the official site of Gaksital, you will see there are a lot of comments for Joo Won. There are a lot of praises about his acting skills. That is why those worries about the Hallyu stars do not matter. We have to choose those actors based on their acting skills.

Kim Ung Soo emphasized about the importance of keeping history, “When I was 29 years-old living in Japan, my friends were just about twenty-year-old so they did not know much about history. Whenever we talk about the past then they would talk about history. Sometimes I felt like I dislike myself.”

“I don’t like my friends because they talk about history. I told them that “If you only know about this? Even when you and I die, it’s still just a historic moment, you have to live peacefully each other. I said them don’t forgive what the previous generation did.

Kim Ung Soo affirms the problem in history. He said, “The youths should know a lot about history and the heroes in the history.  It is very important to pass down the heroes’ legacy to the youths.”

Kim Ung Soo shared his beliefs and thinking honestly and with confidence.

Translator: nakyung, sunshine4ever



3 thoughts on “Kim Ung Soo “Joo Won is the key of Gaksital’s success, he is a great actor

  1. Kim Ung Soo Sunbae’s words are absolutaly right! Even though some actors rejected the role just because of their reputation in Japan, Joo Won accepted and did his best. Now, he deserves all the praises.
    Also, in addition to his acting skills, Joo Won has a very dignified personality. While his sunbae Kim Ung Soo was praising him, he just listened and he didn’t boast himself as others. I think this is because of his nobility and that he has good ethics coming from his family.

    Just go on your way Joo Won sshi; our hearts are always with you!!

    P.S. Thanks a lot for sharing all these news with us.^^

  2. we r so proud of u JW shi. receiving a lot of praises n compliments from hoobae and sunbae has proved u r such amazing, talented actor! pls keep up a good work! a very bright future is waiting for you XD

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