Joo Won’s thoughts after Gaksital concluded – “my acting skills improved, it was fulfilling.”

Joo Won expressed his thoughts about the success of Gaksital.
Gaksital ended with its last broadcast on 6th September. The production team organised a farewell dinner, marking the end of the series.
AGB Nielsen reported that the final episode received 22.9% viewership, breaking its previous record once more, proving its success from start to end.
To this,  Joo Won said “I was lucky and happy to have been able to participate in the drama. It seems my acting skills have grown too. I’m really thankful to the audience.”
Joo Won has become a “one top” actor through Gaksital and Gaksital became this summer’s hottest national drama and was loved by a wide audience. What was special was that Joo Won managed to not only hone his acting skills and show various subtle and delicate emotions, and put in a lot of effort into his action scenes, he also participated in the OST for the drama. With this, Joo Won has shown what a “one top” actor can do and has received praise for that.
Chinese translation by minidadalove @ baidu
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

4 thoughts on “Joo Won’s thoughts after Gaksital concluded – “my acting skills improved, it was fulfilling.”

  1. he is really a “top” actor for me ! this is the first drama I am watching with him and I didn’t knew him at all but he caugh my attention since the very first episode !
    I hope he will continue to give us great performance !

    PS hei , if you are sad that Gaksital ended ( as I am ) come and play the game I made – you can create some scene or situation that might had happened in the drama and share it with us !!! here is the link –

  2. Joo Won is truly an outstanding actor! He did an absolutely fantastic performance as Gaksital/Lee Kag To! I wish him continued success in his career and look forward to seeing him on-screen again soon 🙂

  3. As audience, we are also so thankful to you for making us have such unforgettable moments.
    You deserve all the praises. We’re proud of being your fans Joo Won-sshi…

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