“Gaksital” Joo Won. Jin Se Yeon. Han Chae Ah. Rising popularity!

A tough time choosing actors for the role and deciding to use rookie actors
Becoming the highest viewed drama for that timeslot
Gaksital actors receiving more offers for other dramas

At the start of the production, the Gaksital team faced a lot of difficulties in picking the actors for the roles. Viewership ratings increased along with the intensity of the Dokdo Islands issue and Joo Won, Jin Se Yeon, Han Chae Ah an other new actors have received the good news of other job offers.

Because the drama was set in the war period and the story was about a Korean hero, a Hallyu star who was worried about his career in the Japan market rejected the role of Lee Kangto. Because this role was rejected by the famous 30 something Hallyu Star, this role ended up in Joo Won’s hands, who acted alongside new actors Jin Se Yeon and Han Chae Ah.

The drama started broadcasting amidst comments that the leads were not good enough. However, Gaksital managed to improve its ratings with each episode and received 1st place.

From Baker King to Ojakyp Brothers, Joo Won has always managed to be a viewership ratings king and the viewership rating for 1 Night 2 Days is also increasing.

Jin Se Yeon replaced Eunjung to act in Five Fingers and on the 1st, appeared to audience as Da Mi, acting with Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook and showed great chemistry with them. Jin Se Yeon’s superb piano playing skills have also received attention.

Han Chae Ah, who acts as a spy in Gaksital, has been chosen to be one of the female leads in KBS’s Olala Couple. She will be playing Vicotria, the obstacle between Shin Hyun Jun and Kim Jung Eun, showcasing her comedic acting. (HAH That’s funny!)

Han Chae Ah has also expressed her thoughts on the 3rd. “I’ve been wanting to do a rom-com for the longest time. It seems that I will be able to show the audience a totally different charisma from Rie this time.”

Credits to baidu for chinese translation

Engtrans: mojobobo@soompi


3 thoughts on ““Gaksital” Joo Won. Jin Se Yeon. Han Chae Ah. Rising popularity!

  1. the rising star in the drama for nation………………keep continue their such obligation to keep in touch with the heart of viewers…………..

  2. I wonder who the “30-something Hallyu star” who rejected the role is. The only ones I can think of are like Tony Ahn and Shinhwa, and I doubt it’s any of them. xD Any thoughts, guys?

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