Joo Won – always meeting expectations

Rookie actor Joo Won has in the past 3 months shown his acting skills in Gaksital, drawing in the audience to feel his heartbreak and showcasing his mature acting skills. In the final episode, even though many people died, Lee Kangto still courageously went forth with the demonstration, ending the series with a beautiful balance [balance my ass!]

Joo Won appeared on the scene like a bright comet in 2009 drama Baker King. Frequently called “Kang Dong Won Jr”, Joo Won showed his masculine charms and with acting skills too good for a rookie, he received good reviews from the audience.

Later on, Joo Won acted in Ojakyo Brothers and was one of the lead actors, moving the ratings along with his acting. Joo Won also filmed movies “Special Investigation Unit” and “Don’t Click”, accumulating experience and proving himself through his continuous flow of works.

With less than 3 years since his debut, Joo Won took one the role of Lee Kangto in Gaksital, becoming a ONE TOP actor, gaining immense popularity. He relies not only on his good looks and good luck in picking roles but his passion towards acting has also helped him a lot.

Gaskital’s success holds a different meaning for Joo Won. the drama itself is based on Imperialist Japan occupying Korea and due to this, many Hallyu actors had refused the role of Lee Kangto before Joo Won took it up. But Joo Won’s decisive attitude made him pick up the role and together with Shun Hyunjoon and the other cast members, they received a lot of praise. Joo Won’s unique choice of role not only brought good ratings but also praise for his acting. Also, acting alongside Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yeon and Han Chae Ah, Joo won still manages to stand out and does not lose the brilliance of a ONE TOP actor and the charisma of a lead actor.

Joo Won is a rare rookie actor whose charisma shines through and has been able to find his place in the industry. In 1 night 2 days, Joo Won shows he aegyo as the mangae, in complete contrast to his charismatic actor appearance, indicating that Joo Won has unlimited potential.

Chinese translation by minidadalove @ baidu
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi


2 thoughts on “Joo Won – always meeting expectations

  1. the production of the station must discovers the other new actors that has ability for the great quality of acting not only for focusing the hallyu stars………….just like joo won,jin se yeon and han chae ah ……….

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