Park Ki Woong “ Joo Won is The Best Partner”

Park Ki Woong “ Joo Won is The Best Partner” I have received a lot of boost.

Actor Park Ki Woong praised the 3 leads of Bridal Mask

Named as the “BTS of the Final Day of Filming, meeting Shunji”, Park Ki Woong’s interview was revealed on the 10thSept on KBS Bridal Mask official website.

On that day, Park Ki Woong was asked about working with the rest of the actors & actresses. He expressed “Joo Won is very emotional and a good friend. He has a wealth of experience and qualifications, is mature and able to lead the drama, quite the emotional type, his ability to concentrate is very high. Strong abilities like these are excellent. “

He continued “His capacity is very strong, and it drove me a lot. He has performed so well and if I am not conscientious, I will not be able to catch up with him, so I had the attitude that I should do better.” I do not know if my ambition towards acting is too strong or when I meet those problems that blocked me, I faced a lot of stress. Our acting has a lot of similarities in direction but there are also a lot of differences. It’s like gears that moves together. When we are filming together, I feel Synergy. We empathize a lot with each other, in this drama, he is really a very good “Partner” .

I have a lot of similarities with Han Chae Ah who acted as Hong Joo. She is a friend who has accurate “Reaction” and responds very well with me. So, it was very enjoyable to act with her. Also, the script was quite interesting, so the connection and “Reaction: between the 2 of us produced very good effects.

Lastly, Park Ki Woong expressed his thoughts about Jin Se Yeon who plays Mok Dan : “ Although she does not have much experience as of now but she is very hardworking” “ Although I am also not a very fantastic actor, when I see my soonbaes, I will want to give suggestions and help. But towards Jin Se Yeon, I won’t do the same. Actor to actor, there is some pride, so must be careful about this point.” But Se Yeon always get in touch with me, asking me questions about acting, she is a friend who understands that she is inadequate and therefore must work harder.

Credit: chinese translation by minidadalove on baidu

Engtrans: mrdimples @ soompi


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