In Bridal Mask, Joo Won felt a huge responsibility over the ratings. Was afraid of “Ghost”

Appearing in the highly popular Bridal Mask, being the lead actor, Joo Won shouldered a huge responsibility to draw high viewership ratings. Taking 1st position on Wednesday and Thursday, in Bridal Mask, Joo Won plays Lee Kangto, suavely becoming the Korean hero.

Debuting in Baker King in 2009, going on to Ojakgyo Brothers and now to Bridal Mask, striking thrice, steadily become a guarantee ticket to viewership success. People in the industry and the audience all feel that as long as Joo Won acts, there is no need to worry about viewership ratings. It gained a lot of trust from people.

Regarding this, on the 17th interview with Osen, Joo Won expressed that “In fact the burden of being responsible for viewership is very heavy. I was afraid of competitors like “Ghost”. Although the production does not rely on me alone, being the lead actor, no matter what I spend a lot of thinking that teachers and soonbaes are good, script is also very good, if this production does not turn out well, it’s all my fault, I have this pressure.”

“Due to this stress, on the morning of the following day of broadcast, unknown to myself, I was riveted on the ratings results. During the filming, production staff and actors always tell me to keep fighting and work hard. My time on screen was a lot and honestly because we had to do ongoing filming, I suffered a lot in terms of acting. But I always think that I have the heart to want to make this production well, on the filming set, I always joked and chat, working hard to create the atmosphere during filming.”

Joo Won expressed “This production has taught me the correct attitude of being the main actor. No matter how difficult, I must not fall and give up. In Bridal Mask, be it the actors or the production staff, everyone in the team all cooperated excellently, it has also helped me a lot…that’s how it got me to preserver and finish this production.”

After the Bridal Mask ends, filled with CFs, media and magazines reviews, there does not seem to have time for rest. Becoming a one top actor, dramas and movies offers are all flowing in

credit korean to chinese translations: minidadalove on baidu


2 thoughts on “In Bridal Mask, Joo Won felt a huge responsibility over the ratings. Was afraid of “Ghost”

  1. hope his next drama will continue being in the top ratings again. I’m looking forward. Please, i hope his next role will not die in the end.happy ending i must say. joo won ssi, fighting! I’m going to Korea next year. if only i can meet you. even for a minute it will do for me.

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