Bridal Mask’s Joo Won’s First Love was in High School Year 2, They Still Keep In Touch With Each Other.

Joo Won recently gained popularity in KBS Bridal Mask. Acting as the Japanese **Lee Kangto, Sato Hiroshi and hero Gaksital.

Especially when he was the Japanese**Lee Kangto, in order to catch Gaksital(Shin Hyun Joon), he even tried to publicly execute Mok Dan. However once he knew Mok Dan was his childhood love Boon Yi, he suffered tremendous shock.

Without blood and without tears, Kangto became weak in the presence of Mok Dn. Mok Dan was also Shunji’s childhood first love, Esther. The 2 men fought over Mok Dan. First Love is unforgettable to a man.

Does Joo Won have an unforgettable first love like Mok Dan? He confessed on TVReport on the 18th: First love was a friend in High School Year 2” But Joo Won is different from other men who are touched once they see their first loves. When he was asked if he has any news of his first love, he readily answered: “Our relationship is such that we still keep in touch” “Because we were in Arts school together, we will meet at classmates’ gathering, is a friend who is learning acting” he gave this short introduction.

In Bridal Mask, Kangto and Mok Dan got married in a wedding ceremony. However, their happiness was shortlived. Mok Dan was shot by Shunji who suddenly barged in and was killed. Kangto hugged Mok Dan and cried so painfully. Many viewers also cried together with Kangto.

Regarding this scene, Joo Won expressed: “Even though as Mok Dan’s love, it’s already a pity that we hardly get to meet. But in the last episode, Mok Dan died, Shunji died, it’s really too tragic, why did everyone abandon me? “ his eyes turned red.

Then he continued with a mischievous look in his eyes and joked: “That’s why I met Chae Hong Joo at Tokyo Station.” And he laughed.

Bridal Mask set a record holding 1st position in the Wednesday & Thursday drama slots, successfully ended. Joo Won has also through this production earned the recognition of TOP actor.

Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: TVReport


2 thoughts on “Bridal Mask’s Joo Won’s First Love was in High School Year 2, They Still Keep In Touch With Each Other.

  1. In almost every interview, he always try to protect the people who has taken place in his life by giving short and closed answers. I like his this side…
    I also want ot be loved by someone as him someday.

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