“Bridal Mask” Star Joo Won Picks Jin Se Yeon over Uee in Ideal Type World Cup

KBS drama “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won prefers “Bridal Mask” love interest Jin Se Yeon over “Ojakgyo Brothers” love interestUee.

On September 21, “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won sat down for an interview with newspaper “Ilgan Sports” and talked about various subjects such as hallyu stars avoiding “Bridal Mask” for fear of backlash in Japan, performing his own action scenes, feelings for co-stars, and who he would choose in ideal type world cup.

On hallyu stars avoiding “Bridal Mask,” Joo Won: “I think at the time I thought very simply.  It was a situation in which the script had only been written to episode 4, and so, first, I thought it will be fun.  Also, under the circumstances, there were a lot of people who made favorable comments about the original manhwa [the drama was adapted from the manhwa], and so I really wanted to do it.  Actually, I found out later that hallyu stars were avoiding the drama because of their activities in Japan.  But, it didn’t occur to me to think that far.”

On his own action scenes, Joo Won: “As the shooting progressed, the gravity or seriousness of the action scenes I had to kept growing.  As I am a person who likes to exercise and I had done some action scenes as a sort of hobby, in the moment, I think the martial arts director looked at me kindly.  Honestly, I was afraid of wearing the wires at first.  Though on my own I was afraid, during the beginning of the shooting, because Jin Se Yeon flew with the wires on so easily without fear, I was a bit embarrassed and worked harder.  [laughs]”

On feelings when acting with female co-stars, Joo Won: “I have had feelings.  If I say I didn’t, that’s what would be weird.  But, instead, I think that it is an actor’s ability to be able to understand the true nature of those feelings and exercise restraint and control.”

On who he would choose in ideal type world cup between Uee and Jin Se Yeon, Joo Won: “If I must pick one person of the two, I would pick Jin Se Yeon.  Even though Uee is extremely bright and pretty, Jin Se Yeon’s bright side is magnified.  I have never even once seen Jin Se Yeon with a frown on her face on the filming set.  She’s the kind of girl who is always laughing and spreads “happy virus” to others around her.  I always thought I like a bear better than a fox, and Jin Se Yeon is that kind of a person.  Jin Se Yeon is also not the type to play push-and-pull game.   If she likes someone, she will always do well for that person.  But, if I call Jin Se Yeon a bear will she feel bad? [laughs]”

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2012/09/21/bridal-mask-star-joo-won-picks-jin-se-yeon-over-uee-in-ideal-type-world-cup/


7 thoughts on ““Bridal Mask” Star Joo Won Picks Jin Se Yeon over Uee in Ideal Type World Cup

  1. really joo won chose jin se yeon for the ideal type world cup hhhmmmmmm……..maybe had a deeper tickle of his heart when he imagine the bright smile of jin se yeon……..he can’t sleep well…….joo won sshi if you are like the woman keep on touch with her like your first love in high school………

  2. he can described her very well ^^ And falling in love with your “love couple” co-worker isnt so shocking, as he is such a good actor, we can see his -little real- love coming trough and making it even more pretty, powerful and real.! Go Joowon! =D

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