“Bridal Mask” Star Joo Won Says He and Uee Almost Became a Real Couple

KBS drama “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won says that he and “Ojakgyo Brothers” love interest Uee could have been a couple in real life following their roles in 2011-2012 KBS drama “Ojakgyo Brothers.”

On September 21, “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won sat down for an interview with newspaper “Ilgan Sports” and talked about various subjects such as hallyu stars avoiding “Bridal Mask” for fear of backlash in Japan, performing his own action scenes, feelings for co-stars, and who he would choose in ideal type world cup.   Joo Won was also asked about what it was like to act with Uee.

On “Ojakgyo Brothers” love interest Uee, Joo Won: “As I saw myself falling deeper into my character’s feelings [for Uee], I saw that in real life also, I developed a curiousity about Uee.  At that time, in that situation, if just one of the two of us had made up our minds and made a dash towards the other, we could have been a real-life couple.  [laughs]”

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2012/09/21/bridal-mask-star-joo-won-says-he-and-uee-almost-became-a-real-couple/


14 thoughts on ““Bridal Mask” Star Joo Won Says He and Uee Almost Became a Real Couple

  1. There is a chance that they become a couple or are they already?? I wish fans could know whats behind the scene..how I wish I would have that power

  2. I was like OH MY GOSH!!!! Though I’m not actually a fan of Uee, I must say that they really suited each other when I’m watching Ojagkyo.

  3. I have lots more respect for this man! The fact that he would openly saying this. ! Joowon-ssi I’m sure you will find the one for you very soon!! Amazing human being and actor he is.

  4. THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER in Korea!! I LOVE THEM BOTH, THEY HAVE AN UNDENIABLE, FUN, FIERY CHEMISTRY ON SET AND I THINK OFFSET TOO! A Movie or better yet a long drama like Ojakgyo Brothers should be played by them again!! Can’t get over their roles and fiery characters in Ojak!! I’ve watched that drama for almost 5 times and heck that was 58 episodes!! Wanna see JOO WON~UEE Loveteam again! Please!!!!

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