Park Ki Woong: “I got to know Joo Won through Gaksital; he was an excellent partner”

Park Ki Woong and Joo Won both managed to showcased complementary acting skills in the drama Gaksital. Whenever the two were acting in the same scene, there was always a synergy between the two. Even the audience could feel that the two were great partners in the drama.

Throughout the interview, Park Ki Woon

g was singing Joo Won’s praises for most of the interview. Gaksital was what it was because these two actors relied on each other. “I am really thankful to Joo Won. He really is a very excellent partner. When we were filming for Gaksital, there was a very strong energy between the both of us. We both gave to each other a lot at at the same time, we both received a lot. I thought “I must reach this level in my acting”.

After getting to know Joo Won, my acting skills improved. This was how we helped each other out.” Park Ki Woong and Joo Won were the most unique pair of best friends but due to the ear they were in, circumstances were such that they had to become each other’s enemy. Because they had to fight each other and the continuously struggle against each other, it was a fact that it was emotionally draining on the actors.

“Gaksital was extremely draining emotionally. Often, I had to cry and get extremely angry but then I had to control my anger and keep cool. When I had to act like that, I felt very very tired. Especially when Kangto and I were fighting and he choked me, at that time Joo Won was really choking me, it was for real. At that time, my mind went blank.”

With such a standard of acting, it is only natural that one would hope to receive an award at the year end award ceremony. But he said “I have no desire to receive an award at all. If I do get an award, of course I will be thankful and after that, still thankful. But even if I don’t get an award…I feel like I’m an old soul in a young person’s body. Truthfully, because I’ve always acted maturely, I was always cautious about what I did. So I want to live more comfortably and calmly. That way, I’d be at peace with myself. To be able to do your best no matter what kind of environment you are in, that is the best. I’ve tried living my life to the extremes but that just left me feeling very tired.”

♥ Photo and text source: mydaily
♥ Chinese translation by 莪爱雀斑 @ Park Ki Woong Baidu Tieba
♥ English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

Source: My Daily


2 thoughts on “Park Ki Woong: “I got to know Joo Won through Gaksital; he was an excellent partner”

  1. I found his acting skills as great as Joo Won. He is a good actor and he deserves to get an award :). Furthemore, he has such a nice smile 😛 …

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