“I am Joo Won’s Style” Interview – A man who, when he is in love, cares about the length of his girlfriend’s skirt.

Style 1: Interest
Joo Won is a very attractive man. From his looks, he just looks like the charming type of man who comes from a Gangnam HOT club. Although his looks are gorgeous, in reality don’t talk about CLUB, he is a man who don’t really know how to drink. He doesn’t have many friends in the entertainment circle. Only through Bridal Mask, he has become closer to Park Ki Woong and also his hyungs on 1N2D are his closest friends in the entertainment world.
“Do I look like someone who can drink? Actually I don’t know how. During breaks, I will drink coffee or I will catch up with my friends somewhere near my home. Even though it is like this, there are also people who would say “Liar” and ask me to drink. So these are the ones who got me dead drunk a couple of times. Haha.”
Style 2: In Love
When Joo Won is in love, he is the conservative type of man. Not the naughty type. Girls who wear short skirts and clubbing are unlikely to be Joo Won’ girlfriend. Once he falls in love, he will take care of her in every way.

“Once I start to fall in love, I will be totally dedicated, a bit possessive, and a bit conservative. I don’t like terribly short skirts and club; also don’t like girls who love to drink. I don’t spend on dating in a way that’s not in line with my age nor buy branded handbags as gifts. Feel grieved? Whatever my girlfriend does not like, I definitely will not do it.
Style 3: Ideal Type
Joo Won’s ideal type is very simple. Kind and cheerful girl. If he has to choose between ‘fox’ style or ‘bear’ style, he will choose ‘bear’ without hesitation. Joowon at this age, having such an honest style of romance, has also won the praise of the seniors, saying he is a realist.
“A girl’s character is more important than her looks. I like the ‘bear’ style of girls most. Too simple is also boring? As long as she is my girlfriend, I feel it’s good and that’s all that matters. In Bridal Mask, I like girls like Jin Se Yeon, kind-hearted and loves to laugh.
Style 4: First Love
When asked about first love, Joo Won said “I hope she will not read this report” and started to recall. Although I didn’t have anything, I was filled with passion, it was a beautiful recollection.
“It was a friend from High School. Whether she was dancing or whatever she was doing, she was always so beautiful in my eyes. Didn’t they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? We would secretly meet in the corner of the theatre. Because I didn’t want to spend the allowance my parents gave me, I had no money. At that time, we only met in school and spend time chatting. Of course, now we are very good friends. “

Style 5: 10 years later
Through Bridal Mask, Joo Won became the new generation of. In these 6 months, he worked relentlessly. Especially in the final 2 weeks, he almost did not catch a wink, continuously filming. Seeing Joo Won with such fearsome concentration powers, friends around him are shocked. Till now, in his sleep, Joo Won will say: “What scene are we filming now?” talking in his dreams. Giving such level of enthusiasm, what are his dreams for 10 years from now?
“I hope to become more of a man. Now, I still have a child-like side. I’ll need 10 years to become a man who oozes sex appeal and masculine charm. I hope to become a man who has charm. Like Al Pacino, this type of sexy actor. Of course, the basic premise must be acting skills.
Chinese translation: 由米35
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: SBS E!


7 thoughts on ““I am Joo Won’s Style” Interview – A man who, when he is in love, cares about the length of his girlfriend’s skirt.

  1. what a wonderful man he is, he looks also like my ideal type. Just sweet and nice, not to much of a show of to other man. I really dont like it when man do that. And I will see in 10 years what kind of manly man you are ^^ Hwaiting Joowon! =D

  2. No, I cannot bear….. The more I know him, the more I fall in love with him.
    What a unique man!!!!!!! <3<3<3

    Thanks a lot for the sharing~^^

  3. I truly admire him. A disciplined, passionate actor…it shows through his preparations how he truly loves his work!!! A good role model for my kids!!!

  4. i dont think we could escape this one,this guy<3<3<3
    GOD what i wonderfull man u^ve made
    oppa chuaesoyo hwaiting!!!
    pyong pyong ^_^

  5. So sweet,..really fall in love with u joo won ssi..can’t wait 4 watching u new drama..hope u be the real couple with Uee..♥♥♥

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