Joo Won says, “It was hard for me to undress the actress”

Actor Joo Won has been busy since he made his TV screen debut in KBS 2TV’s drama series King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo in 2010. After KBS 2TV’s drama series Bridal Mask went off the air, he could take a short break.

Joo Won made his acting debut in a musical. When he was a college student, he made his acting debut in the musical The Alta Boys. After that, he was cast in the lead roles in the musicals Greece and Spring Awakening.

In the musical Spring Awakening, Joo Won plays the role of Melchior. The role was originally played by Kim Moo Yeol, who received the Best Musical Actor at the 15th Korea Musical Awards for the role. Including acting and singing, Joo Won had to expose his hips on the stage.

Melchior exposes his hips at the end of the first part and at the beginning of the second part of the musical. It’s part of the scene that Melchior has sexual intercourse with a girl. He undresses the girl and takes off his pants. It can be embarrassing for the actor because he has to get undressed in front of an audience.

However, Joo Won didn’t fear. He says, “Spring Awakening is an unforgettable musical. Many people watched my hips, but the actress had to take off her top. It was more difficult for me to take off the actress’s clothes.”

Jo Jung Suk, who has become popular after appearing in the film Architecture 101, also appeared in the musical. To the question if he’s still keeping in touch with him, Joo Won said, “I’m still keeping in touch with the actors who appeared in Spring Awakening. I want to see him, but it’s hard because we both are so busy. I miss him, though.”

Joo Won is currently having busy days shooting KBS 2TV’s Two Days and One Night and TV commercials. His birthday is September 30. Regarding how he will celebrate his birthday, he said, “I don’t want to have a big birthday party. I think I’ll just spend time with my family.”



3 thoughts on “Joo Won says, “It was hard for me to undress the actress”

  1. He and Jo Jung Suk know each other!!!! Two of my favorite actors!! My life is complete!! I really hope they act in a drama together sometime!

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