’1N2D’ members send sweet Chuseok greetings in Hanbok

1 Night 2 Days‘ members kicked off the program bowing to the fans in greetings for Chuseok holidays.

The September 30th episode of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days’ was the ‘Chungnam Seochun Hangawi Special #1‘. (Hangawi is an alternate name for Chuseok.) The members were dressed in beautiful Hanboks and they bowed to the viewers and greeted, “Have a happy Chuseok!”

Then the members moved on to pick out the member who looks best in a Hanbok. The members all gave their thumbs up for Joo Won as all agreed he looked handsome in Hanbok. However, the oldest hyung Kim Seung Woo did not fair very well. Cha Tae Hyun even said, “I didn’t know because you were wearing a hat but now that you’re wearing Hanbok, you look really old” and brought laughter.

On the episode, the members went to the Gizzard Shad Festival in Seochun-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. For the lunch mission, the 7 members each had to buy a different Chuseok gift within 7 minutes and were able to win the gizzard shad sashimi.

Image: ’1 Night 2 Days’
Source: TV Report via Nate   via kpopfever


4 thoughts on “’1N2D’ members send sweet Chuseok greetings in Hanbok

  1. I am so excited to watch this episode. Sad to say we get to see episodes in Manila after 2 weeks 😦 but its okay as long as we get to see them. Last episode I watched with my girls was the one where Joo Won was throwing tantrums over grilled meat. Hehehe! They are all so adorable. Just goes to show boys will be boys regardless of nationality. Hahaha! Love the brotherhood and camaraderie shown in each episode!!!!!

  2. I saw that episode,too. He was soooo cute when he was trying to refuse to eat the meat..and then BAMMM!!! he gave in. LOLS. Definitely a feel-good show. 🙂

  3. thanks for proofreading **izit prooftranslate instead^^?** for me… I’ve made one and post it on youtube!. I changed a bit because of the grammatical error~ hope u like it!

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