Actor Joo Won fell for the delicious Jeon-uh (gizzard shad).

Joo Won and the members were successful in their bok-bul-bok missions that were given to them prior to arriving in Seochun, the final base camp.

With their success, the ’1 Night 2 Days’ members were able to receive a treat with the fried jeon-uh (gizzard shad), jeon-uh sashimi and more.  Joo Won was watching the hyungs eat the jeon-uh for a little while then started to eat it himself.

Once he got the taste of it, Joo Won took a good look at the fish then started to essentially inhale the fish falling for the great taste of it.  He looked happy as he said, “It’s really tasty.”

Joo Won added, “I think it’s better to eat it without the bones” having a hard time eating it with the bones like a kid and had the viewers laugh.  It was fun to watch him enjoy the food like a child.

On the episode, single hyung Uhm Tae Woong had a quick blind ‘meetings/dates’ with weather casters Kim Hye Sun and No Eun Ji and drew attention.

Image: ’1 Night 2 Days’
Source: X Sports News via Nate


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