I Love Sportswear. I am Boring and also not Handsome

Joo Won, the ordinary looking but extraordinary actor
He is an actor who does not need to dress up and yet he shines brightly in both appearance and acting skills. Possessing flower boy good looks and a charming smile, every word he says carries weight. Is that why his acting is so great? We do not need to compare him with those more experienced actors, because Joo Won being the “strongest among his peers” is making major strides in his acting career.
Nothing, not the wind nor the rain can stop Joo Won’s progress. Debuting in the 2010 Baker King Kim Tak Gu whose ratings shot over 45% followed by Ojakgyo Brothers which had a ratings of almost 40%. It is not only numbers but Joo Won’s matured acting which stood out in the audience’s eyes and gradually entered their hearts. Compared to his earlier works, the recent Bridal Mask which although had lower ratings, it more than adequately showcased Joo Won’s growth as an actor.
The first question we asked when we met Joo Won was “Is your voice all right?” In Bridal Mask, there were many scenes that required shouting so we were worried. “It did change a little for the worse because it was a character who could not control his emotions. That’s why I just let it all out.” When we heard Joo Won spoke about the state of his voice, we were shocked that in in such a condition, he could still display such outstanding acting skills.

Not just shouting, there were a lot of action scenes that exact a physical toil on the body. At the end of an emotional crying scene, his hands and feet will become numb. His love lines with Mok Dan were also the envy of many. The role of Lee Kangto which he played, was not an easy one.
“After Bridal Mask, I let go(laughs). I need to let go of everything in order to act out perfectly all the different expressions and emotions of Lee Kangto. When I saw the script, my lines had the most exclamations, so when I act, I needed to substantiate myself with the right feelings. Especially those two consecutive days of filming the death scenes of ‘hyung’ and ‘mother’, it was very distressing and difficult.”
Joo Won said “After the scene, my hands and feet went numb, even breathing was difficult.” Even though he threw his entire self into the act, there were some regrets. At the time of acting, he felt he had done his best, however later, he discovered there were much that was not adequate. It is probably natural for an actor to think this way.
“When I was filming, I will tell myself not to be like this. But because I did not sleep well, my physical energy and mental strength also declined. Hence there were many details that I neglected. When I was acting those emotional scenes, I concentrated fully. But in the smaller scenes, I did not invest much of my experience into it. This is the part that makes me regret. “
Normally, Joo Won loves to wear sportswear, he does not like to dress up. It came to a point where his stylist banned him from wearing sportswear. However as an actor, Joo Won is totally different. “Although I am not sure if it’s right or wrong, but (as an actor) if I do not adequately express my own ideas, I will became very sensitive. If I do not perform well, I will be mad.”

We wonder if this is the reason for his rapid growth? Joo Won said “After each piece of work is over, I honestly felt my own progress.”
3 dramas, 3 different roles. His choice may be a reflection of his desire towards acting. Joo Won said “When I look at the role, first I will see if it is attractive, and if the plot has twists and turns, that will be even better. Up till now, all the roles that I have played are characters who have a lot of pain and suffering buried in their hearts, I pity them that’s why I made the choice.”
Joo Won chooses to act in romance, setting himself the next challenge.
“I want to act in a romantic love drama. When I started acting, I already felt that acting romantic love scenes are the most beautiful and also the most difficult. For man, of all emotional expressions, the expression of love should be the most difficult. Although I can’t wait to act but there must be time to prepare. To me, love is the most difficult, moreover I also do not really understand a woman’s heart(laughs).”
It may not be fitting to describe Joo Won as lanky and tall, sturdily built and having a pure innocent manga face of a protagonist. But these word will not be enough if we were to describe him when he is completely immersed in acting.
“I am not the type who is very dashing in appearance. Moreover, I am not interesting, nor handsome, I look more ordinary than anyone else.” Joo Won added. Although we could not agree, but since he emphasized so many times, we will just it slip. But there is one thing which not matter what is said, we will not compromise. It is that he is indeed an extraordinary actor.
Chinese translation: baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: nocutnews


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