Joo Won’s interview: his thoughts about other members of 1N2D

Even if he has 10 bodies, it is still not enough. To the rising actor Joo Won, 1N2D is like a sweet relief. In Bridal Mask’s long march, whenever the tiredness builds up or when there is pressure, he will be able to replenish his energy.
I never thought that I just muddleheadly decided to join 1N2D, and it turned out to be such a precious and sweet presence in my life. Filming once every 2 weeks, spending time together with hyungs, I am very happy. The story of Joo Won, a novice to variety shows, he is always saying 1N2D is really very good.
In the most recent OSEN interview, Joo Won could not hide his unbounded love for 1N2D. When we met during the filming of Bridal Mask, he was the same. “1N2D is really very good, because I coudnt get good sleep during the filming of the drama, my physical strength was lacking. Even under such circumstances, whenever I reached the site of 1N2D filming, I will be very happy, it was like having endorphin.
In February, Joo Won joined 1N2D which former PD and director left. He became the new member. Together with Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun and Sung Shi Kyung, they became the new members, infusing fresh blood into the show. Forming a team together with original members Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Su Guen and Kim Jong Min, they started the new season with an equal mix of anticipation and concern. Unconsciously, half a year passed. The members’ outstanding performance has earned good reviews and is expected to regain the throne in weekend variety. Ratings rose, good reviews increased and the teamwork was also perfect.
What are your thoughts after spending 6 months with your hyungs on 1N2D?
“Kim Seung Woo is the person I most want to emulate. His leadership ability is no joking matter. It really seems appropriate to call him “The Man Among Men”. Also, in front of the other members, he has a very good sunbae personality and his intelligence is superior. His ability to lead his hoobaes is also very praiseworthy.” Joo Won expressed his unlimited trust in big hyung Kim Seung Woo. He also said “I also thought before that I want to be like hyung and find a good wife. Every time hyung is on the phone with Kim Nam Joo sunbae, I can feel their love for each other. I am so envious.”
Not just that, towards Lee Su Guen, he also expressed “Hyung is someone who is very concerned and take care of others. He will always ask ‘Are you tired? Where does it hurt? Are you all right?’ he will encourage the members in this manner. When I see him with his wife and children, I can tell that he is such a warm hearted person.”

When asked about Uhm Tae Woong who is in the same management agency as he is, his whole face lit up with a wide smile. Joo Won has never hid his special liking for UTW. Belonging to the same agency, they acted in “Special Investigation Unit” together, their relationship became very good. He is the sunbae hyung whom he loves very much and respects.
“Uhm Tae Woong…. is very good. I like whatever he says, it’s very interesting. Although hyung may not feel the same but I feel that he is just like my real hyung. When we are together, we are very relaxed, our relationship is very good, it seems like there is no need to use words to express(laughs).
On Cha Tae Hyun, he expressed “He is someone who gets vexed over his works and acting. He is a sincere hyung. Whenever there is a break or rest time, he will talked about the difficulties of being an actor.” I will also discuss with hyung about being an actor. Even if a person is very experienced, his heart will still be open. He will casually chat about acting and works, and he will also listen to suggestions, it’s really good. Joo Won spoke about Cha Tae Hyun’s sincere manner.
Continuing on to Sung Shi Kyung, Joo Won kept praising him “Shi Kyung hyung is a person who can clearly distinguish what’s right from wrong. Before I started out in 1N2D, I often heard that he is very proud and hot-tempered. But in reality, when I saw him, he was the exact opposite from rumours. He is someone who know better than any how to respect elders, he is an upright person, someone who stands for social justice. For example if he see that someone does a bad thing, he will not just sit there and do nothing. He is the type who will immediately act to correct the situation. Looking at things like this, perhaps that’s how rumours of hyung’s temper started. But he is someone who is more principled than any, he is the man among men.”
As for Kim Jong Min, Joo Won expressed “Not too sure(what type of person he is). Till now, I cannot figure out Jong Min hyung” He laughed loudly saying “He really is a funny person. In everyday life, he is also the same. Seems like his personality is the very lively sort. But sometimes, he will also show his manly side, and possess a lot of charms which I have yet to know. Being a variety show celebrity, there is a lot of expectation of being funny, it is something I need to learn.”
Lastly, he expressed his thoughts about the new PD, Choi Jae Hyung whose popularity is not beneath the members “He seems like a very frightening person. In the beginning when I saw him, I felt he was very frightening. But after knowing him for a longer time, he is actually a very warm person. He laughs so brightly and he can be very shy…but he does not take other people’s jokes very well. He seems to have a very innocent side. Recently, we like to say ‘No matter what we do, we cannot be funnier than PD”.
Joo Won : “Actually my age difference with hyungs is very big…my personality is not particularly lively, so I don’t really match. I want to be closer with hyungs. Now that Bridal Mask has ended, I can spend more time with hyungs, I would like to have a good chat with them.” Thus, Joo Won expressed his special feelings towards his 1N2D team.

Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: OSEN


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