Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue – Part 1: My Women

A comet that suddenly appears from nowhere – this describes the young star, actor Joo Won. Debuting in musicals, delivering a brilliant performance as the lead actor in 3 dramas, becoming a top-level star, he thus began his dazzling pace, gradually earning the care and concern of the audience. Coupled with his outstanding performance in variety show, his popularity is shooting sky high. Let us look back at his 3 dramas. Ma Jun, Tae Hee and also Kang To, these were the various roles he undertook. Joo Won began to talk about his story in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

29th June 2010 Baker King Kim Tak Gu – “My childhood idol, SES Eugene is really standing before my eyes”

When I look back at Baker King Kim Tak Gu, it’s a drama that created confusing thoughts in my mind. This was my first drama and I acted a character that’s central to the show. When I was visualizing this character, I had many discussions with the director and the writer. When I was acting this drama, I had to call the writer on the phone every week, asking him many of the things which I did not understand. Also, when we started to film, I would always be discussing with the director. Actually, playing the antagonist is really a very hard for me to do. But even though it was difficult to bear, I still had to act, so Ma Jun is a character which means a lot to me.

Goo Ma Jun? Younger son of a chaebol family and also successor of the family’s food business. He had a heightened consciousness, a hot temper and also arrogance. He especially could not bear losing to others. He could not bear Tak Gu who resembled his father, and always caused misfortune to fall on him but in the end, he broke down himself. Although he was very cruel, he was indeed a sorrowful man.

When I was acting Ma Jun and even now, I will bear this very important thing in mind that is to relax when I am acting. At that time, I did my utmost and I was a lonely child. If only I had cast away the uneasiness in my heart and the burden, then it would be great.

During that time, the one who showed me the way was Eugene sunbae. She was my idol during my schooldays. To be able to work with SES Eugene was like a dream.

To be able to act with your idol was indeed amazing. Those were unforgettable times when I was slowly picking up the ropes on acting. Eugene was very good at leading me who knew nothing. She taught me a lot through her experiences in many dramas. Thanks to Eugene Noona, Ma Jun was created. I feel that between the male and female co-star, the most important thing is “care”, and also you must open your heart. If you cannot step into your character and open your heart to your partner, your acting will never be able to resonate with the audience. During that period, I opened my heart to my idol and was answerable to Ma Jun.

6th August 2011 Ojakgyo Brothers “Became Lovers with a Junior(Hoobae) whom I once punished.”

The production set with the best atmosphere is Ojakgyo Brothers. Needless to say, the staff, the teachers, the sunbaes and hoobaes and actors of the same age, we all work together very harmoniously. It was difficult for the atmosphere to be anything but good. When I was acting Tae Hee, I felt a lot of warmth in reality. I also gathered a lot of comfort from the warmth of the family members.

Hwang Tae Hee? Short tempered**, 3rd son in the Hwang family. His biological father died in a car accident and his mother remarried. He was adopted by Chang Shik and Bok Ja as their 3rd son and grew up. Short tempered, determined and taciturn, he was also inflexible and could not stand any coquettish behavior. He was the best being tough and powerful. Tae Hee was a short tempered yet calm character. This is one character that I would like to emulate. He was very polite to his elders, on the surface, he looks very indifferent but he also possessed a pure side. The most important was that he was willing to give everything with all his heart to the woman he loved. Personally, I will like to become like this character.
To him, the person who instilled such love is Uie. I who acted as Tae Hee develop a love line with After School’s Uie. In order to present a sweet and lovely picture to the audience, I spend a lot of efforts in this aspect. The acting must resonate with the viewers but in reality, to step into the role was not easy. I had to work very hard in the process of becoming Tae Hee.

I was in the same university as Uie as senior and junior. She was a junior who was well loved by people in school. When I was in university, I was always in school, working and practicing at the same time. There was also someone who was like that and it’s Uie. She worked harder than any other hoobae. To act and partner with such a beautiful hoobae was wonderful.

In university, I was a sunbae whom people were terrified of. I was neither lenient nor amiable. So in the early days when the filming of Ojakgyo Brothers had just started, Uie would always greet me in a very humble manner. I think at that time, Uie felt that I was very difficult. But as the filming progressed, our understanding of each other got better and better, now we are like very close brother and sister. That Uie received an award for this drama acting alongside with me and also gathered good reviews from viewers, I am also happy.

30th May 2012 Bridal Mask “Like the simplicity of a child”

Because I worked together with my peers, Bridal Mask left many impressions. The thing that stood out most was the reaction of the audience after I acted in this drama. It was not just the older generation of people, even little children recognize me, it left a very special feeling in my heart.

Lee Kang To? Jonno’s **, possessing a firm character and loyal to Imperial Japan. He could not escape the twists and turns that fate dealt to him. Kang To led the dual life of being Gaksital and Imperial Japanese police, hence it was especially confusing. And the filming took place in summer, this year’s summer was especially hot, it was not easy wearing the uniform during filming. Even under such circumstances, my relationship between the freedom fighters and my co-stars were very good. We discussed a lot about the work and we were really happy. All these made me forget the sweltering heat and the difficulties.

Se Yeon is even younger than me, she is very adorable and also obedient. She is always smiling on the set, bringing more fun to the filming. Just graduating from High School, Se Yeon can really do aegyo. No matter how difficult things are, she never lost her smile, in fact she stirred up the enthusiasm of the staff. In fact, it was through this production that I first met her. The production team had spent a lot of thoughts on the casting of Bridal Mask female lead. One day, the director showed me a photo of Se Yeon and asked for my opinion. When I looked at Se Yeon in the photo, I felt that she was especially suitable for the role of Mok Dan.

When I saw her in person, I felt she was even more like Mok Dan. In reality, she has a bright personality. Sometimes, she is almost like a child. If Se Yeon, taking her first step to be an actress, is able to be sincere like the way she was in Bridal Mask, it will be good. Cheerful and sincere, Se Yeon received a lot of love from the sunbaes. I also gave her guidance, I would always say to her “Let do it this way”, we’ll discuss together and co-operate together. Not only is the face beautiful but the heart is too, my beautiful partner who radiates brilliance.

Towards Ma Jun’s first love, Tae Hee’s wife and Kang To’s pure love, I am full of gratitude.

Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=420&aid=0000000009


10 thoughts on “Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue – Part 1: My Women

  1. I enjoyed this article; thanks a lot.^^
    But one more time, it is so clear that our Joo Won oppa was affected by Se Yeon so much…. T.T

  2. very interesting read…thank you very much.

    i just started watching Ojakgyo Brothers a week ago and now i’m on episode 40. yes, it’s been a marathon for me…lol. so far, so good. i love the Hwang family and i especially enjoy watching the developing stages of Tae Hee and Ja Eun’s relationship.

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