Joo Won “I Want To Wear More Masks.”

After taking off the Bridal Mask, Joo Won would like to wear more masks.

“If the interviewer does not mind, can I have some snacks while doing this interview?” In order to attend this interview, with the sound of his footsteps going “da da da”, Joo Won came running in, hands full of various tidbits. “When I am tired, eating snacks will lift me up.” thus said Joo Won, the “Snack King” who is always eating tidbits. How more interesting can this get? This Bridal Mask who is eating snacks and laughing “haha” at the same time.

Today, Joo Won is one of those young actors who are attracting the most attention in Korea. In Baker King Kim Tak Gu, he received attention together with Yoon Shi Yoon, then he acted with Uhm Tae Woong in the movie “ Special Investigation Unit”, followed by filming the drama “Bridal Mask, establishing his own presence.

“Recently, I felt like I have become an idol” Joo Won said. His popularity has monopolized fans ranging from a 3 year old to an elder who can remember the days of the Japanese occupation. Not only this, in the national variety show 2N1D, Joo Won is also interpreting his own role. More than his acting skills, the thing that leaves the audience with a deep impression in their memories is that Joo Won is an actor who knows how to let himself go because of the drama.

In Bridal Mask, Joo Won went from an unrestrained Lee Kangto to become a pure and innocent man who was passionately in love with Mok Dan. He also had to act out many action scenes. In the drama, he used suppression and bitterness to replace his old image of being an obedient man, and he perfectly portrayed the Lee Kangto who bore the sufferings of that era.

“Actually when I took the script of Bridal Mask, I already started to feel the pressure. It was a 10 billion mega production and also a very famous manhwa, and there were many emotional and action scenes, so I was very worried whether as a main actor, would I be able to act well.

In reality, Lee Kangto was a very complex character. Before he wore the mask, he was a betrayer of his own nation. After that, he had to hide his identity, be it in front of the independence fighters or the Japanese. The viewers enjoyed watching it but to the one acting, it was actually a headache.

“The moment I took over the mask from hyung, it was the beginning of my troubles. Although it was just acting, in reality I was also confused. At the police station, on the outside I was Sato Hiroshi but inside I was Lee Kangto. Not only this, I also had to hide the truth from Mok Dan. So more than acting, I was very tired mentally. After the show ended, I still felt confused and my head hurt.”

Even Park Ki Woong who acted alongside with him said “You are the great con-artist at acting.” Joo Won had totally become Lee Kangto. Because of this, the audience got duped as well, found it interesting and tried to understand the character in the drama.

“This is the first production that caused suffering on me physically. Joo Won revealed that “I am a person who alone, can deliver 250 rounds of musical performances. So I was fully confident of my physical stamina when I started. But this time, Bridal Mask was really exhausting, probably because it required one person to show so many different faces, that’s why it was so. “Even though it was like this, Joo Won’s style is the type who does not like to take health supplements.

When he hits the limit, the things that give Joo Won strength are his sense of responsibility and his relationship with people. “I strive to be an actor who is full of vitality.” Joo Won places a lot of emphasis on his interpersonal relationship with the actors and the staff on the set. In order to create a relaxed filming atmosphere, Joo Won candidly opened up and worked hard to get along and work with people around him.

Now that he has taken off the mask, Joo Won spoke of the next challenge that he wants to take. “I want confirm the diverse personalities that’s hidden deep within myself.” Influenced by the main actor in the play “Jekyll and Hyde” who had multiple personalities, Joo Won candidly revealed that he wants to see how many more masks he has within himself.

“After acting in Bridal Mask, I heard for the first time that I am sexy. It’s the first time I discovered that I had a sexy side to me. Perhaps there are still many faces hidden inside me. So I will like to take the challenge.”

English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: bntnews


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