Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue – Part 2: Handsome Men’s Banquet

Starring in 3 dramas, Joo Won has entered into the category of “Hot Star”. He has always worked well with his sunbaes. He did not depend on the youth drama genre but through family dramas, he has grown as an actor. Suggestions and encouragements from his sunbaes are his most precious pillars of support.
29th June 2010 “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” – Sunbaes Jun Kwang Ryul’s Care and Mighty Presence
Everything was unfamiliar; it was a brand new experience on Baker King Kim Tak Gu. The burden of playing the antagonist made me even more nervous. I had the stress, thinking that I have to do it really well. Compared to hoobaes, there were more sunbaes on the film set. I was afraid to make any mistake so I was very careful. I received the most care from sunbae, Jun Kwang Ryul.

Sunbae, Jun Kwang Ryul has always taken good care of me. He spoke many comforting words to give me warmth as I was freezing cold (with nervousness?) and during acting, he gave me many suggestions. Now, looking back, I am full of gratitude towards him.
Joo Won and Jun Kwang Ryul?
Acting as the head of the conglomerate, Jun Kwang Ryul’s Goo Il Joong and Joo Won’s Ma Jun were father and son legally speaking. But in reality, he was not his biological father. A man, full of firm convictions and strict, Goo Il Joong dedicated himself to work; he strongly believed a man shall reap what he sows. His biological son was Kim Tak Gu (Yoon Shi Yoon) who was Ma Jun’s arch enemy. Ma Jun craved for Il Joong’s love but Il Joong had only Tak Gu on his mind.
Whenever he was acting, sunbae Jun Kwang Ryul emitted a special aura, a halo of light. In order to draw the viewers into the show, he would instantly immerse himself into the drama. I wish to become a person who is full of charisma just like sunbae.
When we were acting opposite each other, even though we are both men, I would also think he is “so handsome”. Sunbae’s had especially deep emotions showing in his eyes. This made his acting even better. If I were to continue acting in this manner, will I also be like sunbae and possess a pair of powerful dashing gaze?
6th August 2011 “Ojakgyo Brothers” – 4 Hwang Brothers’ Strong Mutual Understanding

Ojakgyo Brothers had the best atmosphere. Especially in scenes where the 4 Hwang brothers come together, now as I think back, they are still the ‘Best”. Because we got along very well, we often go to the karaoke room, put on wigs and sang together, we were really happy having fun. These happy memories are still vivid in my mind. Whenever I thought of those times, I will laugh. Although there was significant disparity in our ages, we were close like real brothers.

Joo Won and Hwang Brothers?
On the Ojakgyo farm, Joo Won was number 3 among the Hwang brothers. Big brother Tae Shik was the eldest, he had a strong sense of responsibility but he had no capability. He was indecisive and cautious. Second brother Tae Bom had been an excellent student since young, he wanted to be the best in everything he does. He was the perfect man except for just 2%. Maknae Tae Pil was a playboy; he was eloquent, had strong ability and was spoilt.
Up to now, I still frequently keep in touch with Woong In hyung, Soo Young hyung and Woo Jin hyung, we also meet up. We will root for each other’s new projects. Filming Ojakgyo Brothers, hyungs and I all had different opinions, but we always respect each other. That’s why the show was able to receive so much love from the audience. Because the actors had tacit understanding of each other and were able to cooperate well, wouldn’t this type of atmosphere be abundantly conveyed on the screen?
Towards a new actor like me, Woong In hyung was not difficult at all; he would always speak to me in an unaffected way. Hyung is really the best!
30th May 2012 “Bridal Mask” – Sunbae Kim Eung Soo’s Applause
Although I worked very well with Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yeon and Han Chae Ah and other actors in my peer group, the one who left the deepest impression is sunbae Kim Eung Soo. It is not easy for sunbaes to get close to hoobaes. Especially on the film set, to say even one sentence, it’s also very difficult. Moreover, I am not the lively sort; it was strenuous for me to even approach the sunbaes.

But sunbae Kim Eung Soo took the initiative to give me help. During the initial filming, he would often give me suggestion like “Wouldn’t it be better to it this way?” He would take very good care of me. At that time, I was already very grateful to him, after the production ended; much of it still remained in my heart.

Joo Won and Kim Eung Soo?
After hyung (Shin Hyun Joon) died, Joo Won as Lee Kang To became the 2nd generation Bridal Mask. And at the same time, he was the outstanding police officer, leading dual lives. Konno Goji(Kim Eung Soo) was the Chief of the Police station, he was an elite bureaucrat, and not the military type but has objectivity more like that of an administrator. He was able to rationalize matters and was especially fond of the very capable Kangto.
As the filming progressed, I became closer to sunbae, I also had more confidence towards acting and no longer felt discouraged. Whenever I finished my act, Sunbae Kim Eung Soo would always be at my side praising me, saying “You did well.” He would even clap his hands. When I was wondering “Did I act it well?” sunbae’s applause rang in my ears, it really gave me tremendous strength. Sunbae’s kind words and applause was what led Kangto in the drama and they were the very important psychological pillars to me.
He made me determined that in the future when I act with my hoobaes, I must praise them more, to become a sunbae who is generous with encouragement. “To all my sunbaes, I am very very thankful to all of you!”
Written by: Joo Won
Edited by : Hwang Young Hee
Source: Naver
Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi


6 thoughts on “Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue – Part 2: Handsome Men’s Banquet

  1. I still remember these fascinating dramas..
    Particularly, Gaksital.. Even though I’m just an audience, I still couldn’t get rid of the impression of Lee Kang To..
    This all is because of Joo Won and his excellent acting skills.
    I’m also so thankful to all the sunbaes to encourage and support him.

    Moon Jun Won Fighting!!!~

    P.S Also, again and again thanks a lot for translating and sharing all of these. I’m really one od addicted visitors of this blog now.^^

  2. the first time I watched Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothres, I already fall for this guy, his sincerity, his passion and his humility. and my sundays will not be complete if I didn’t watch 2 days and 1 night

  3. Joo won a wonderful and humble actor, I have seen all the 3 dramas, his growth is fantastic. I specially love Bridal Mask Lee Kang To, he is excellent..Joo Won fighting

  4. At the first time i watched him on gaksital, while he scream loudly … Gaksitalllllll…. haa haa. Coz i only had kbs world to watch….poor me…. n its grab my attention n also my son. But overtime we truthfully admited that its never enough………

  5. Thank u for all supporting sunbae……. right now our entirely family member even my last son nanny was crazy about him……….much praise 4 Joo woon……..fighting

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