Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue – Part 3: Towards Bigger Dreams

Playing the role of an antagonist left a deep impression and the beautiful and tragic love he played has made him the young “STAR”. He is recognized for his innate ability at acting both good and evil. Joo Won even obtained the title of “The New Generation Capable Actor” in the Rising Star, he is making cautious pace, ready to take off after completing his run-up.

30th May 2012 to 6th Sep 2012 – “Bridal Mask” It was blistering hot but very happy
Since 2010, I have acted in one drama each year. Although each piece of work is very memorable, the one I love best is the recently ended “Bridal Mask”. I suffered a lot both physically and mentally, but this is also a drama that contributed to my growth. I played Lee Kangto who experienced much sadness when it came to his family. On the other hand, he also suffered pain when he had to go up against his friend Shunji because of fateful circumstances. Shunji was actually Kangto’s best and only friend in the world…even as we filmed; I would think ‘how did we reach such a stage?’ This question made my heart ached.
From a perspective of an observer, Kangto and Shunji could not avoid their tragic fate. These two closest friends faced the fate of having to kill one another’s family; they continuously deepened their mutual animosity. Just when one is being worn out on the inside and needed the support and comfort of a friend, they developed mutual distrust instead, deepening their hatred of each other. Their tragic fate makes one cry. When we did the actual filming, I carried the same sort of feelings in my heart; Park Ki Woong hyung who played Shunji felt the same way too. We could not help but asked “Why did we become like this?” we felt sorry for each other. In the final episode of Bridal Mask, I felt even more heartbroken. Because Kangto had to send off the woman who he deeply loves……it was heart wrenching.

Leading dual lives as Kangto was very difficult. Do I just trick the characters in the drama or do I also need to trick the entire audience? That fine line made me confused. In the beginning, it was the difficulty of drawing the emotions of trying to understand the past. In the middle and the latter half, it was psychological fatigue. Because I had to switch back and forth between good and evil, until the very last when things could no longer hold up and were going to be revealed, it was very strenuous.
In the final scene, holding the dead Mok Dan in his arms, Kangto burst into tears, crying loudly. When the viewers saw this scene, many cried along. But there were also reactions like “whether the emotions were over the top.” Ever since I was in high school, I started to feel that in acting, one should not care how he looks. This is my own philosophy on acting. If I always had to care about how the camera would capture me, whether I look good, then I would not be able to show sincere acting. I feel that only when I cast away all external things then I can show an acting that resonates with people and is sincere.
After the filming of ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’ ended, I received an invitation from my alma mater to give a lecture to my sunbaes. At that time, I told them these words “Cast away the external things”. This is most important to an actor; it is actor Joo Won’s philosophy.

From March this year, I started the frantic pace because of Bridal Mask filming. It was hot and we also met with typhoons. It was not just the actors but the staff also suffered a lot. It was also a long distance to the filming site. Travelling took a lot of time so it was hard physically. The weather was extremely hot and I still had to wear the uniform. Sometimes, I felt as if my neck was being strangled and had to ask for a short break before I could continue with the filming. Although it was like this, the most fortunate thing was the atmosphere on the set. Because I was working with good staff and actors, it gave me a long of strength. Because I had the sunbaes who loved me, I became encouraged. Because there were viewers who knew of our sweat and efforts, I could smile. It is so now and it will be so in the future, Bridal Mask is a production that made me very happy.
6th September 2012– Ahn-nyeong Hahsehyo! And another Ahn-nyeong Hahsehyo!

To date of all the characters you played, which is your favorite one? Bridal Mask’s Lee Kangto. It is a role that allowed an actor to display a wide range. I thought a lot during the filming. Kangto gave me a great leap forward. To play this role, I was vexed for a long time and I also did a lot of research. Bridal Mask was a process by which I became an actor. I have always acted characters that are older than my actual age. In the future, I would like to act a character that’s about the same age. I wish to take the challenge of funny and cute acting. Every time when I filmed a show, I would concentrate intensely in order to immerse myself in the character. When I hear the director “CUT, my emotional state would still continue for a while. Anyway, in order to completely step out of the character, Kangto, I will still need some time.
Now I wish to travel with my family and friends. Even if it’s somewhere near, it does not matter. I want to go travelling, to enjoy as much as I can, the little happiness of daily life. To share stories with others, to spend beautiful sunny days listening to music, if like this, even though it is with regrets, it’s time I have to bid Kangto a beautiful farewell. Then I would again prepare to meet the new character. I will give my utmost to become a true actor. I hope everybody will continue to give me attention and care. I will take the trust and care you have given me and melt it into my works, this is the type of actor Joo Won will be. A Joo Won, who people will anticipate even more tomorrow than today. Towards bigger dreams, Fighting!

Writer: Joo Won
Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu
English translation: mrdimples@soompi
Source: Naver


8 thoughts on “Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue – Part 3: Towards Bigger Dreams

  1. If Joo Won wasn’t the one who played Lee Kang To, who is the other actor do you think would be suitable for this character?

    • I had thought about it several times… but still… difficult to imagine the other actor played as Lee Kang To… maybe because he is my bias…
      Lee Kang To = Joo Won for me… :p

    • Initially I thought Lee Minho could probably pull off Lee Kang To’s character. But after much thought, I changed my mind. No offense to LMH, but I feel that Joo Won’s emotional depth as an actor was perfectly suited for LKT’s complex character.

  2. Yeah, always FIGHTING!~
    Day by day, I feel much closer to him than before.
    I think I’m falling for him..

    And I think as same as you,too.
    Also for me, as a viewer, there is no one who would satisfy me for this character, Lee Kang To.
    Except for Joo Won~

  3. Joo Won, Lee Kang you played it just fine …. It was better to be impossible in the circumstances, since it removes the Korean drama very quickly, not allowing the actors to relax and to sleep …. By the way, this is very dangerous because of the -this surge mind can suffer …. it is a pity that such a sweatshop in the film industry Asian countries …. But you’re just a lad … I’m proud of you … And your principle of “Outcast of external things” is the most correct. . The most intelligent and amazing actors come to the same conclusion … The same opinion I have met from Kim Jaejoong from JYJ,at filming drama in “Defending the boss,” he also came to the same conclusion …
    Joo Won-you-better …. I love you …. Happiness to you ..

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