Choi Kang-hee confirmed to star in “The Secret Lovers”

Actress Choi Kang-hee will be starring in the MBC drama “The Secret Lovers” with Joo Won.

MBC drama “The Secret Lovers” is about two people who are experts in fooling one another with a little bit of action and spying. It is from the motive of the movie “My Girlfriend is an Agent” where a couple fools each other of their jobs. This drama is sought to be a sophisticated spy drama that deals with love and friendship and the conflicts between gangs and individuals.

Choi Kang-hee takes on the role of Kim Seo-won who has the physical abilities and looks but wealth. She is the daughter of a poor farmer and is always busy paying off her school loans through part time jobs. She has a strong liability to live and her difficult situation has made her a strong and independent character.

Choi Kang-hee has succeeded in all her movies so far including “Petty Romance“, “Ae-ja”, “My Scary Girl” and others. She is currently busy making the movie “Mina’s Stationary Shop“.

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