Joo Won cast in “The Secret Lovers” as a handsome spy

Actor Joo Won is coming back as Gil Lo in the MBC mini series “The Secret Lovers” to be aired in January 2013.

“The Secret Lovers” is from the motive of a man and a woman having to hide their identities as secret agents. It is a romantic spy comedy about a man and woman who are the best when it comes to fooling people.

Joo Won‘s role of Gil Lo is a character who’s lived all his life wanting to become a secret agent after watching the “007” movie. He’s lived an affluent life thanks to his father and he has the kindness for people and time to spare along with a handsome face. He joins the National Intelligence Service but will go through several obstacles.

Apple Tree Pictures claim, ““The Secret Lovers” took 2 years to plan out alone from the year 2010 with the original writer Cheon Seong-il. There are high expectations on Joo Won“.

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