Joo Won Reversal of Fortune- Ranked 5th in Ideal Appearance

1N2D Female Staff Cast Vote on Appearance

Bird PD revealed to the results of the poll that was carried out amongst female staff of 1N2D to rank the members for Ideal Appearance. The members were all very curious and excited to know the outcome.

1st – Cha Tae Hyun
2nd Uhm Tae Woong
3rd Sung Shi Kyung
4th Kim Seung Woo
5th Joo Won
6th Kim Jong Min
7th Lee Su Geun

Everyone was surprised that Joo Won, the maknae with clean cut looks and adorable image actually ranked 5th. Kim Seung Woo said he felt really good because he won over Joo Won, drawing laughter from every one.

Chinese translation: 由米35 on Joo Won Bar Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: tvdaily


7 thoughts on “Joo Won Reversal of Fortune- Ranked 5th in Ideal Appearance

  1. i have no idea why cha taehyun was no. 1 but i think it makes sense that uhm taewoong and sung sikyung won over joowon. both are good looking guys and have more manly appearance than joowon.

  2. I think it is because Cha Tae Hyun is actually affectionate with the staff, especially with what he did recently for his Jeon Woo Chi staff. Second reason would be the age range of the female staff who voted for this, maybe they are within the 30s. But I was expecting Joo Won to be first too. Nonetheless, Joo Won is handsome, Tae Hyun, Tae Woong, Seung Woo and Si Kyung are all handsome. Hahahaha.

  3. Exactly, in these shows, it’s mainly about the personality and not the looks…I guess it’s just normal they picked Cha Taehyun>>I mean who doesn’t like him xD

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