Joo Won Got Dumped Via Text for Being Too Affectionate

Being overly affectionate, Joo Won revealed that he was dumped through a text message.

During a recent recording of KBS Win Win, Joo Won appeared as a guest, where he revealed that he’s only dated two times in his life.

“I’m the type of person who expresses his emotions, so I said I love you a lot to my girlfriend,” said Joo Won. “But I think it was too much for her, and she broke up with me through a text message.”Perhaps still a little hurt by the indirect breakup, Joo Won eyes were brimming with tears during the filming.

On the way he dates, Joo Won said, “When I see a girl that I like, I usually watch over her for a really long time.”

More on Joo Won’s dating style and ideal ladies will be revealed on November 13.

Photo Credit: KBS – enewsWorld


5 thoughts on “Joo Won Got Dumped Via Text for Being Too Affectionate

  1. It’s really hard for me to get my boyfriend to say those 3 words, personally…but the girl broke-up with him because le boyfriend said it too much? I’m so making the okay.jpg face right now…. I guess people are different…**sigh**

  2. I do like a man whose saying I Love You oftentimes. His reminding me of my Ex-BF. Unfortunately, we broke up because of different religion and no blessing from both families. 😦

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