Still cuts from Joo Won’s first recording for ‘My Girlfriend Is an Agent’ revealed

Recently, Joo Won and castmate Ha Shi Eun completed their first filming for their upcoming MBCdrama, ‘My Girlfriend Is an Agent‘, at a cafe in Changchundong.
Playing the role of ‘Han Gil Ro’, Joo Won perfected his transition into the cranky but smooth character and proved to staff the extent of his potential. PD Kim Sang Hyub spared no words when it came to advising the actors’ poses and expressions and made sure that each prop had a place on the set.

After concluding his scene, Joo Won stated, “The first recording is always exciting, but I felt comfortable and had a fun time today. The atmosphere is great which makes my heart feel at ease so I have a feeling this will be a fun project to work on.”
The drama will begin airing in January of 2013.

cr: allkpop



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