7th Level Civil Servant 7급 공무원 -Joo Won takes up the gun, perfecting his transformation into a NIS agent


Actor Joo Won has transformed into a NIS agent!

MBS’ new Wednesday/ Thursday drama 7th Level Civil Servant (Director Kim Sang Hyeob, Writer Cheon Il Sung) has released filming stills to the media. Joo Won has perfectly transformed into lead character and NIS agent, Han Gil Ro.

In the released stills, Joo Won, who is wearing a bulletproof vest, bears a sharp gaze while aiming his gun at the target. Holding the gun, Joo Won exudes a strong and solemn charisma.

Joo Won plays the role of Han Gil Ro, who wished to become James Bond after watching a 007 movie as a child and thus trains diligently at various shooting, fighting and racing skills, in hopes of becoming a NIS agent.

Joo Won has also expressed through the production team “Putting on the bulletproof vest, I don’t know why but I suddenly felt very solemn. Through this drama, you will not only be able to see a funny and cunning image, but I will also show the audience my charismatic and dependable image too.”

7th Level Civil Servant is a drama about new agents who clash with each other, leading to internal conflicts, but still find love along the way. Choi Kang Hee, Joo Won and Hwang Chan Sung will star in the drama. This drama is also written by Cheon Il sung, who wrote the original movie. the drama is also directed by Kim Sang Hyeob whose works include Dong Yi and Royal Family.

7th Level Civil Servant is slated to air in January 2013.


Source: Nate News
Chinese translation by minidadalove @ Joo Won Baidu Tieba
English Translation by mojobobo @ soompi forums


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