Joo Won appeals to women with his wink on My Girlfriend is an Agent

Gillo (played by Joo Won) appeals to many women with his wink.

In MBC TV’s new drama series My Girlfriend is an Agent, Gillo shows off his attractive wink.

One day, Gillo walks on the street, wearing a big headset, and gives a wink to girls behind a show window. This scene describes Gillo’s arrogant personality. Giving a cute, sexy wink, Gillo reveals his arrogant, careless personality as a man who tries to enjoy his life.

During the shooting of the scene, dozens of people swarmed over to the place to see Joo Won despite the freezing weather. Because of the weather, Joo Won made several mistakes in his acting. However, the people were excited to see Joo Won’s sexy wink several times.

At the sexy look of Joo Won, people responded: “The wink makes the weather warm.” “I’m a man, but I don’t know why my heart is pounding.” “His wink is so cute.”

The production company of the series says, “The actors must have been exhausted by the cold weather because they had to shoot a lot of scenes outside, but they have also been encouraged by many people. We’ll try our utmost to create a good-quality drama series.”

My Girlfriend is an Agent is a romantic comedy about a new agent, who lies about everything except for love. It will start airing in January next year after Missing You goes off the air.



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