Interview with Bridal Mask Director Yoon Sung Shik: Joo Won is an actor whom I’d like to work with again

Bridal Mask has created a representative of Korea’s hero.

Bridal Mask originated from a manhwa which simply depicted the journey of Kangto, who after his brother Kangsan’s death, became the Bridal Mask. The rest of the story was about how he pretended to be his idiot brother and lived like a roaming vagabond. Bridal Mask carried a heavy burden, everywhere there were villains who were highly skilled in martial arts, it was no different from the usual super hero storyline. Hence after much deliberation, screenwriter Yoo decided to change the story. It did not just have Kangto and Kangsan, Mok Dan, Hongjoo(Rie), Shunji etc were all new created characters. She also added author Huh Young Man’s other manhwa “Iron Flute”, bringing the iron flute and the manhwa character into the storyline of the drama. No matter how you see it, Bridal Mask is a rather difficult piece of work. Just to make a story of a hero into a drama is already difficult. In order to feel the pain of the Japanese Occupation period in history, you must sincerely reflect on those times and have the historical knowledge. There was also considerable pressure because previous dramas which touched on the Japanese Occupation period did not succeed.

Things didn’t look optimistic considering the competition. It faced So Ji Sub in SBS’s “Ghost” and Kim Sun Ah in MBC’s “I do, I do”. In the beginning, we fancied a particular actor who fit the role of Kangto, after struggling for 6 months, it came to naught. Among 8 other actors, it was Joo Won who stood out. Originally, he had decided to act in MBC’s “The Moon That Embraced The Sun.”, he was pulled over by us. Although it was unreasonable, we really had no other choice. After that, we send our apologies to MBC.

Before the drama started its broadcast, a fatality happened. It led to a boycott of the drama and the production team was reviled as bad people. After putting so much effort to produce an excellent drama, we never imagine that such a thing would happen. The author and I suffered quite a big setback. But before we started producing “Bridal Mask”, the author and I set 3 objectives – 1. To create the Korean version of a superhero. 2. Arouse the nation’s empathy towards the Japanese Occupation era. 3.To hit above 20% in viewership. In the end, we achieved all of them, and it gave us the satisfaction.

Joo Won, harbouring some concerns but a rapidly rising actor: The cast line up was a bit weak considering it was such a big scale production, it caused concerns. But Joo Won did such an excellent job. He is, in reality, a very sincere and very kind person, everyone likes Joo Won.

Is he an actor whom I’d like to work with again: Wait till Joo Won grows a bit more, at the same time I will also be producing other type of dramas, then I will like to work with him again and showcase another side of his acting ability.

Chinese translation: minidadalove on Joo Won Bar Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: TV Report


3 thoughts on “Interview with Bridal Mask Director Yoon Sung Shik: Joo Won is an actor whom I’d like to work with again

  1. im happy to hear that..hopefully the upcoming drama will have a good ratings too..its joowon’s great challenge in his career..i hope it turn good for real!!

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