[Nonsub] KBS Drama Award 2012

Part 1:

Part 2:

Source: KBS


6 thoughts on “[Nonsub] KBS Drama Award 2012

  1. JW’s singing and performance is great. And he totally deserves the Top excellence award instead of just the excellence award, PKW & JW OTP should win the best couple also..disappointed that BM won only 4 awards considering the all the great acting, Even HCA should deserve a excellence award.!! worse, there is no best drama and best PD award.. omg…

  2. He’s looks so handsome,elegant and cute..he deserve the awards.Joomal.joomal ..congratulations to joowoon!!! wish his succes continuous sparkling unlimitedly in the future…

  3. I have watched both “Bridal Mask” & “Nice Guy”. I really think Joo Won acted much more better than SJK that Joo Won should win the “Best Excellence Award”, even the Top one!!

    • true, joo won really had diffrent character when he act and in his real life i watch 1n2d season 2 and really shock when i saw joo won real character totally diffrent when his act, on 1n2d he looks like big baby, and i saw SJK when he got interview on TV not many diffrent character when he act cool on nice guy 😐

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