Learning how to shoot and waltz, Joo Won transforms into a Special Agent

Q: What are your thoughts, acting in 7 Level Civil Servant?

A: It’s my first time trying out a role like this. As an actor, this is a good opportunity to manifest yourself in various ways. In addition, to be able to work with an excellent production team and actors, I am looking forward to it.

Q: What do you think of Han Gilro?

A: He is someone who has so many sides to him and is a very charismatic person. Although, in daily life he seems simple and innocent like a child, but when it comes to love and pursuing his dreams, he is a real man.

Q: In what ways is this character like you and what are the differences?

A: Gilro believes firmly in his dream. He also hopes for innocent pure and sincere love. These are very similar to mine. The difference is that it seems like Gilro should experience more.

Q: In your previous works, you have proven to be a bona fide actor who possesses strong acting skills. In this drama, acting Han Gilro, do you have any areas which you would like to display?

A: This is my first time acting a character like Han Gilro, so lively, so crafty. I hope that this time, the viewers can feel : “So, even such a character like this, the actor Joo Won can play it so well”. So now I am focusing on how to bring out the charisma of Han Gilro.

Q: Up till the 4th episode, there has been a lot of action, car racing, shooting and waltz scenes etc. In order to play a character whose unique occupation is a NIS agent, did you have to make special preparations?

A: In order to portray a NIS special agent realistically, I have to specially learn to do the action, shooting, waltz and other scenes. But it’s not just Han Gilro the Special Agent, I also put in a lot of effort in Han Gilro the person

Q: Gil and Seo Won are NIS’s Special Agents. Although they love each other but as special agents, they have to guard themselves and there must be instances where they cannot truthfully express themselves. Do you think such love exists?

A: I feel that between 2 persons in love, the most important thing is trust. Honestly speaking, in real life, such a situation would have its difficulties. It is not that Gilro and Seo Won’s love is not real, it is the situation that does not allow the 2 of them to be frank with each other.

Q: How do you feel working with Choi Kang Hee?

A: Very good! Although I always felt this way, every production that I have acted in, I always have a good relationship with people I work with. I learnt many things from Kang Hee noona and Noona’s acting skills are excellent, so the filming is enjoyable. In any case, actress Chi Kang Hee is an excellent actress.

Q: You have filmed 4 episodes so far, I heard that the filming in XX had close to 3 weeks of actual intense training. Is there any interesting anecdotes?

A: During the 3 weeks, we filmed approximately 100 scenes, so it was quite grueling. But to be able to film and live with so many actors and the production team, I accumulated many feelings. It is a very special experience.

Q: What are the highlights of 7 Level Civil Servant?

A: Lively, cute romance and the touching story of the making of a special agent.

Q: What would you like to say to the viewers who are anticipating 7 Level Civil Servant?

A: The production team and the actors/actresses are battling the harsh winter with their passion and working very hard, they are in midst of filming happily. If viewers watch 7 Level Civil Servant, they too will feel very happy and blessed. In 2013, let’s laugh to our hearts’ content with 7 Level Civil Servant. I hope everyone will keep their eyes on this show and watch [7 Level Civil Servant]. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Chinese translation: minidadalove on Joo Won Bar Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi


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