<> Joo Won, Choi Kang Hee, Hwang Chan Sung and Lee Yi. 4 people, 4 characters. A look at them going to work at the NIS for the first time.

MBC serial drama Level 7 Civil Servant revealed on set photos of the new NIS agents on the afternoon of 24th January. The photos showed the agents to be behaving in accordance with military standard discipline.

The photos revealed were of the newly recruited agents who were formally entering the NIS as new civil servants, showing them walking on their way to work with much pomp. This included Kim Seo Won, Han Gil Ro and several other newbie colleagues.
The new agents were dressed in different styles, reflecting the unique character of each. Kim Seo Won, who was dress formally, was also holding an old suitcase and a rolled up magazine. . Gong Do Ha, Han Gil Ro and Park Soo Young followed behind. Gong Do Ha wore a white shirt and black suit, looking suave. Do ha bore a stern expression which hinted at his nervousness and was the image of a romanticised tragic hero. Park Soo Young wore a princess style chiffon dress and walked with haughtiness.
On the other hand, Han Gil Ro’s image was a stark contrast. With messy hair and crumpled clothes, Han Gil Ro, with his eyes bugging out and being out of breath, looked very agitated.
Level 7 civil Servant’s production team said “Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won are dressed in a style that suits their characters. They have perfectly immersed themselves into their respective roles. Each of the new agents possess unique characters, so please stay tuned to see how they will change after entering NIS.”
On the 24th, Joo Won wrote on his twitter, expressing his gratitude “Thank you for catching Level 7 Civil Servant. The response is good and please look out for today’s 2nd episode. Handsome Chang Sung is going to appear today and it will get even more interesting. Fighting! good night.”
In the 2nd episode, the various images of Gong Do Ha, Shin Sun Mi, Park Soo Young and other entering NIS will be revealed.
Reposting from: 七级公务员吧
Source: Nate News
Chinese translation by: minidadalove @ Joo Won Baidu Tieba
English Traslation by: mojobobo @ soompi forums

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