Ju Won wins praise for his role in a new TV series

According to a research by Nilson Korea, the first installment of 7th Grade Civil Servant, which aired on January 23, set a record of 11.6% of the viewing audience, which is 1.1% higher than the record that was set by the final episode of the previous series Missing You.
Lead actor Ju Won has been effusively praised by viewers for his playing a character that is completely different from the characters he’s well known for. Ju Won plays Han Gil-ro, whose motto of life is “Life is full of fun.” He’s determined to be a secret agent ever since he watched the 007 series when he was little. In the first episode, Gil-ro comes across Kim Seo-won (played by Choi Kang-hee), who he has first met at an unwanted blind date by his mother.  There is great anticipation about the success of the sieres, starring Ju Won, who has emerged as an A-lister since he went to stratospheric success with TV series Ojakgyo Brothers andBridal Mask,  7th Grade Civil Servant is based on a movie of the same title (also known as My Girlfriend is An Agent), which was a hit in cinemas in 2009. The series is penned by Cheon Sung-il, who is well-known for TV series Chuno (2010) and The Chaser (2012). It is a romantic comedy about secret agents, who are supposed to hide their true identity, falling in love.
Source: Starnews / en.korea

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