Level 7 Civil Servant Premiers – Joo Won’s huge acting reversal

MBC serial drama [airing every Wen and Thurs] Level 7 Civil Servant premiered last night and Joo Won, who is the male lead, showcased a different type of charisma.
In Level 7, Joo Won plays the role of Han Gil Ro, whose main goal in life is to enjoy life. Since young, Han Gil Ro dreamt of becoming an NIS agent due to the influence of a 007 movie. Joo Won used a totally different style of acting to play Gil Ro, thereby attracting the attention of the audience.
Also, Joo Won was able to grasp and portray with accuracy the expressions of a racer during the racing scenes and the expression of someone who was unhappy with his mother forcing him to go on blind dates. Joo Won’s outstanding performance has wan praises from the audience. In his previous drama Gaksital, Joo Won used his eyes to express cautiousness and forceful charisma whle in this new drama, he has transformed completely into a sweet and fashionable boy.

Source: Shinlang entertainment News
Chinese translation by: 
willyao61 @ Joo Won Baidu Tieba
English Traslation by: mojobobo @ soompi forums

2 thoughts on “Level 7 Civil Servant Premiers – Joo Won’s huge acting reversal

  1. Joo Won is a true talent..his versatile acting skills leave me in awe. Sometimes, I have a hard time accepting that JW is the same person who starred in Gaksital played with such intensity and all kinds of menace, with the JW is also currently starring in L7CS with awesome comedic abilities and the same JW who is so innocent, childlike and a bit feminine in 1 Night 2 Days…lol. Luckily, he’s athletic so there’s still that connection between the 2 reel and the 1 real character. hahaha.. sorry for my babbling. 🙂

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