Joo Won’s V sign unveiled in 3 photos, “The Champion of Cuteness on the film set”

MBC <7 Level Civil Servant> revealed pictures of Joo Won displaying a cute pose on the film set during his rest break.

The photos revealed the way Joo Won appeared during a break in midst of filming. The filming went on continuously round the clock and a tired Joo Won yawned. But once he saw the camera, he automatically did the V sign, his cute appearance captured all ladies’ hearts.

Joo Won unabashedly displays the fresh appeal and cheekiness of the 20’s age group especially when he puts on those naughty expressions, seizing the hearts of all the staff.

In his previous dramas like KBS Baker King and Bridal Mask, Joo Won took on rather serious roles. This time in 7 Level Civil Servant, he plays the cheerful and mischievous Han Gilro, displaying a fresh new appeal.

A 7 Level Civil Servant producer expressed: “Even in midst of busy filming, Joo Won never fails to smile, he always makes the atmosphere on the film set a happy one. At any time, there is always the sincere Joo Won and he also gives the staff a lot of strength. He is no longer someone new in the business.”

Netizens who have seen the yawning Joo Won also expressed : “Be it standing or sitting, I am always thinking of Joo Won” “Joo Won’s V sign is very cute”, “Joo Won face is shining….so handsome”, “Joo Won’s attractiveness is perfect! Why is even his V sign so cute?” etc etc

Chinese translation: minidadalove on Joo Won Bar Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: Nate news


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