7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 8: Choi Kang Hee Asks Joo Won to “Just Love Each Other, Not Be In Love”

Gil-ro (Joo Won) and Seo-won (Choi Kang-hee) found out their true feelings for each other.

Seo-won, after she takes Gil-ro to the emergency ward, shares a talk while walking back to her house.

Gil-ro, telling Seo-wong that she is “lovable”, and asks her “why did you take such a long time to get to me?” He leans in for a kiss, but Seo-won touches Gil-ro’s injured arm.

Gil-ro is obviously in pain. Seo-won tells him “loving someone hurts. If you get closer than this you’ll be hurt even more”.

Seo-won asks him to “let’s just love each other, not be in love”, but Gil-ro smiles, saying “February 14th, I heard the word ‘love’ from you the first time”.

Source: koreandrama.com


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