“Level 7 Civil Servant” Innocent Joo Won Always Fooled and Manipulated

“7th Grade Civil Servant” Joo Won became the boy who cried wolf.
On the 11th episode of the MBC drama “Level 7 Grade Civil Servant” that aired on February 27, Han Gil Ro (Joo Won) was featured investigating Kim Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee) after thinking that she is a spy planted to hurt his father’s business.

Han Gil Ro found his girlfriend Kim Seo Won stealing documents from his father Han Joo Man’s (Dok Go Young Jae) safe. After the incident, Han Gil Ro begins to investigate Kim Seo Won’s background thinking that she is a member of a terror group that is trying to bring down his father’s business. Han Kil Ro even makes a visit to the make-up company Kim Seo Won previously worked at to find out more about her past.

When he shows up at the make-up company, Han Gil Ro speaks to a secret agent who is disguised as an employee of the company and demands, “Seeing that Kim Seo Won was able to keep her job here regardless of her inadequate performance only means that somebody pulled some strings for her. I want to see the list of all the customers. I’m an employee of the National Intelligence Service.” Finding this situation absurd, the disguised employee says, “Honestly, I am also an agent working under the National Intelligence Service. I just don’t have my identification badge.”

Agents who witnessed the whole situation laughs at Han Gil Ro and states, “Isn’t this enough to sue him for impersonating a secret agent?” However, the only people unable to find this situation humorous is Kim Won Suk (Ahn Nae Sang) who created this mess as well as Jang Young Soon (Jang Young Nam), who knew all about Kim Won Suk’s lies.

A similar situation occurred once again at the end of the episode. Han Gil Ro is kidnapped by JJ (Im Yoon Ho), who wants Han Joo Man’s files but Han Kil Ro manages to subdue JJ. Kim Seo Won shows up to save Han Gil Ro but when he sees her, he believes that she is on the same side as JJ.

Han Gil Ro aims a gun at Kim Seo Won and says, “I’m really going to shoot. Put your hands around your back and lie down. I’m a secret agent for the National Intelligence Service.” Kim Seo Won attacks Han Gil Ro and says, “Who? You still manage to say useless things; you must be out of your mind. Don’t move and stay here. Stop getting involved in things. You couldn’t find anything else to impersonate? You had to impersonate an agent of the National Intelligence Service?”

In the storyline, Han Gil Ro is a character who dreams of becoming a secret agent after seeing 007 movies. He passes the examination after 3 years of preparation but is disqualified after his father secretly orders an insider to do so. This was the reason why Kim Won Suk was able to fool Han Gil Ro about his identity to take advantage of him.

As a result of the lies created by secret agent Kim Won Suk, Han Gil Ro is becoming the laughingstock of his girlfriend Kim Seo Won as well as countless real secret agents at the National Intelligence Service.

Innocent Han Gil Ro becomes the boy who cried wolf when he continues to blurt out “I’m a secret agent at the National Intelligence Service.” It is very pitiful to see Han Kil Ro constantly fooled throughout the drama. Only time will tell how he will cope when he finally figures out the truth behind all the lies.

Source: KDramaStars


One thought on ““Level 7 Civil Servant” Innocent Joo Won Always Fooled and Manipulated

  1. i cannot and will not blame Gil Ro if he turns psycho and decides to destroy everyone and anyone for their lies and deception. but of course, it’s not gonna happen. lol.

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