“Level 7 Civil Servant”” Joo Won Breaks Up With Choi Kang Hee “It’s Been Painful”

“Level 7 Civil Servant” Joo Won meets with Choi Kang Hee to officially break off their relationship.

During the 12th episode of the MBC drama “Level 7 Civil Servant” that aired on February 28 featured Han Gil Ro (Joo Won) finding out the truth about why Kim Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee) had approached him in the first place.

However, Kim Seo Won couldn’t forgive her after thinking of all the lies she made up. Even after hearing all of her apologies, Han Gil Ro is still unable to let go of his anger and treats her coldly.

Kim Seo Won says, “When we get a chance to travel later, I will tell you everything” but Han Gil Ro was still blinded by his anger.

Han Gil Ro replied, “I don’t want to travel with a person whose name I don’t even know. It may seem funny hearing this after we already broke up but let’s break up. It’s been painful.” Kim Seo Won continues to weep after realizing she is unable to control this situation.

Source: KDramaStars


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