‘7 Level Civil Servant’ Joo Won’s chase on the ski slope – “Choi Kang Hee, I am coming to save you!”

7LCS, with the ski slope as the backdrop, NIS’s battle begins.

This chase on the ski slope has launched a stunning preview of the upcoming battle, giving rise to anticipation at all fronts.

Especially when Joo Won did the chase scene himself without using a stunt double. In the stills that were revealed, after Gilro confirmed that Seo Won was in danger, he hopped onto the snowmobile and gave the chase down.

In the earlier half of the show, Joo Won was hurt when CKH hurled the plate on jjangmian onto his face. So, the production team is taking extra precautions this time. Because they had planned to use a stunt double, they had to film this earlier when he was available. However, Joo Won suggested that they film this in one go, offering to perform the stunt himself. Finally, Joo Won completed the shoot without having to use the stunt double.

At Gangwon Pyongchang Phoenix Park ski slopes, Joo Won went up and down the ski slopes more than 10 times, filming the chase scene. At the end of the shoot, Joo Won said: “Having filmed consecutively for days throughout the night, I felt very exhausted. However, when I saw the ski slope, I felt invigorated. It’s also my first time riding a snowmobile, it was unexpectedly fun. This was a really fun scene to do, if viewers also find it fun, that will be good.”

Netizens were abuzz, commenting, “Joo Won forgets even his fatigue, is Choi Kang Hee the secret source of his strength?” “Did Joo Won come flying in order to save Choi Kang Hee?” “How many times has Choi Kang Hee saved NIS previously?” “Without a thought for himself, Joo Won’s chase scene is indeed highly anticipated.”

Source: newsen

Chinese translation: beshd斯达on 7LCS Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi


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