7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 13: Joo Won and Kim Min Seo’s Jealousy Flares With Chansung and Choi Kang Hee’s Cover of Romantic Couple

Gil-ro (Joo Won) and Seon-mi (Kim Min-seo) can’t help but feel jealous about Do-ha (Chansung) and Seo-won (Choi Kang-hee)’s cover as a romantic couple.

With the team trailing Joo-man (Dokgo Youngjae) and his accomplices, JJ (Im Yoon-ho) and Mi-rae (Kim Soo-hyun), Gil-ro and Seon-mi are not put into the field work as JJ knows who Gil-ro is, and Seon-mi has other things to do so.

Seo-won and Do-ha are placed as a couple to tail the CEO. Mi-rae tells the CEO to go around the skiing track, to see if they are being tailed. Seo-won and Do-ha escape suspicion remarkably well, holding hands and eating snacks like newly-weds.

Seon-mi shakes with jealousy, and even destroys a tree. Blissfully unaware of the jealousy, Seo-won and Do-ha tails the CEO, but meets a potentially dangerous situation when Mi-rae orders the CEO to turn around, and Seo-won’s eyes meet with him.

Do-ha and Seo-won does an impromptu snowball fight with each other, and Mi-rae, although suspicious, calls off her instructions.

Gil-ro is also watching from afar, shaking with jealousy. He, by himself, angrily exclaims “watch where you’re touching her!”. Afterwards, with Seo-won and Do-ha also sharing a room, Gil-ro barges in when Do-ha does not answer the call after he goes into the shower, comically shouting “report to me every 5 minutes”, and storming away.

Source: http://koreandrama.com/7th-grade-civil-servant-episode-13-joo-won-and-kim-min-seos-jealousy-flares-with-chansung-and-choi-kang-hees-cover-of-romantic-couple/


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