Level 7 Civil Servant Episode 14: Choi Kang Hee Gets Out of Danger But Puts Joo Won In Trouble For Deserting His Post

Seo-won (Choi Kang-hee) managed to escape the dangerous situation with JJ (Im Yoon-ho), but Gil-ro (Joo Won) was kicked out of the operation for deserting his post.

The potential danger of Seo-won (Choi Kang-hee), in which she seemingly walked into a trap laid by JJ and Mi-rae (Kim Soo-hyun), was revealed to be nothing more than a routine round trip around the skiing track to lose any pursuers. Seo-won joins Do-ha (Chansung) in the lobby, and the two return to the basecamp.

Gil-ro, on the other hand, finds nothing in the mountain that he believed Seo-won went to. He makes his way back to the base camp, but finds his team being punished by the NIS head Oh Kwang-jae (Choi Jong-hwan).

Kwang-jae had been furious about the in-ear transmitters being damaged, and Gil-ro’s absence from his post. Kwang-jae takes the operation’s lead from Won-seok (Ahn Nae-sang), and Gil-ro walks into the disciplinary session.

Gil-ro shouts, “Kim Seo-won, where the hell have you been?”, but Kwang-jae, furious, lambasts Gil-ro for deserting his post. Gil-ro does not reveal to the end that he deserted because he was worried about Seo-won, and Kwang-jae kicks him out of the operation.

Source: http://koreandrama.com/level-7-civil-servant-episode-14-choi-kang-hee-gets-out-of-danger-but-puts-joo-won-in-trouble-for-deserting-his-post/


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