Joo Won to Stay with Clothing Brand Edwin for Three Years

Joo Won will be staying with the clothing brand Edwin as its model for three years in a row.

Shim Jung Woon, head of Joo Won′s agency Sim Entertainment, said that “Joo Won signed an exclusive modeling contract with Edwin in 2012. Recently he signed another two-year contract, letting him stay with the brand as its model for a total of three years.”

A three year exclusive contract is fairly rare in advertising, as advertisers usually choose their models based on the popularity of the figures active at the time.

Joo Won managed to stay at the top of his game all that time with the dramas Baker King, Kim Tak Goo and Bridal Mask, as well as with his recent feats on 7th Grade Civil Servant and KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days. His colorful spectrum and friendly charms have been interpreted by advertisers to mean he will be able to draw in consumers, and made him a coveted model.

An official from advertising commented, “Joo Won looks proper yet he is friendly like a brother, and he even shines with good looks, vocals he sharpened with his ventures into the musical world and his sincere acting. He is especially popular as a model because he has a trustworthy aura about him.”

Photo credit: Sim Entertainment, Kim Byung Kwan



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