Kim Ah Joong to romance Joo Won in upcoming film ‘Only You’?

There’s a high chance that actress Kim Ah Joong could be starring in a romance film opposite actor Joo Won. Kim Ah Joong is believed to have received an invitation to star in the film recently, and discussions are currently underway to facilitate her possible participation.

Kim Ah Joong’s management agency revealed on March 21st, “No decision has been taken yet on whether Kim Ah Joong will be in the film, but we are currently in the final phases of making a decision.”

‘Only You’ is a romantic comedy that talks of love story between a burglar and a police officer. The male lead role has already confirmed to be Joo Won who will play the police officer role, while Kim Ah Joong will play Joo Won’s first love in the film and also the burglar. Much attention has been generated following news of Kim Ah Joong’s possible participation, as there’s a possibility that Kim would romance Joo Won who is 5 years younger than her.

Meanwhile, Kim Ah Joong recently concluded her volunteer work in Africa and has returned home to South Korea on the morning of March 21st.

By: Park Jung Young


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