“7th Grade Civil Servant” will come to perform in Japan this June

Joo Won, the male lead in the blockbuster drama “7th Grade Civil Servant” which is currently being aired in Korea, will come to perform in Japan this June.

Joo Won, an actor regarded as an attractive investment stock of this year, has been playing in a few popular dramas after Baker King Kim Tak Goo. Recently in the variety program, he shows his mischievous side of his character which is different from the characters he played in his previously dramas. Not only female viewers, he is also drawing attention from male viewers. Joo Won with this towering height of 185cm made his debut as a musical actor, not only acting, he is also talented with his outstanding singing and dancing skills. In his upcoming performance in Japan, other than the chatting session, he will be showing off his merits of singing and dancing together with the performance of a live band. How about going together to enjoy the performance which Joo Won is going to unfold on the sweetdream-like stage?

Joo-Won Sweet Smile Fanmeeting & Concerting in Tokyo

Date & time 15 June 2013 (Sat) @ 17.00 hr
Venue Tokyo International Forum Hall C
Fare: JPY 9,800 (reserved seat with tax incl)
Ticket for sale to Joo Won Japan Official Fan Club starts from 01.04 to 07.04, maximum 4 tickets per member

Engtrans: soompi Joowon’s thread


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