Joo Won Naver Interview Part 1

In midst of the Wed&Thurs drama war, it’s really a pity that MBC’s 7th Level Civil Servant has ranked behind the top billing SBS “That Winter the Wind Blows”. In addition, the plots were far-fetched and at one time, it felt like it was stagnating, making one feel really frustrated. However in the final 2 episodes the tension suddenly escalates. Strange but the anticipation has increased. The only regret is that there is not much time left. Joo Won who plays ‘Han Gilro’ has been billed as the ratings guarantee man after his success in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Ojakgyo Brothers and Bridal Mask. What are Joo Won’s feelings on the eve of drama completion?

Interviewer: Now left with 2 more episodes, all of a sudden I am feeling excited.

JW: We also have the same feeling. As usual, filming a drama is something which you can’t tear yourself away. We also do not film the scenes in sequence, it’s all mixed up so we have to focus and channel our efforts to display the correct flow of emotions well. We didn’t feel the time fly.

Interviewer: No matter how, you need time to mull over things. But because you have to rush with the filming, this is a little regretful.

JW: Although the situation is like this, it seems to be working out well when we don’t prepare but just dive straight into the filming. It all depends on what you think; of course there will be pros and cons. There are times when you can’t think and have to just throw yourself into the shoot right away. Isn’t it better this way?

Interviewer: Aha, your enthusiasm about this is very similar to Han Gilro.

JW: Yes, definitely there are similarities. In all the characters I play, not matter how, it’s like as if there is something within me that’s released. I also show my best ability and put in my best efforts.

Interviewer: Your appearance on the show Win-Win gave me a fright. You were totally different from what I imagine. In KBS 2’s Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers and Bridal Mask, the characters you took on were very calm. The grannies also felt this way. But who knew that you could be this sincere?

JW laughs: Ah was it like this? I am …a little. As a person, I do not like tension in squabbles; I also do not like being on tenterhooks. When I am in love, it’s the same. Especially with regards to love, I want very much to protect it. Recently, it seems like ‘Bad Guys’ are in the vogue, as for the lure of ‘Bad Girls’ I am not too sure.

Interviewer: Are simple, unsophisticated and kind women good? Men always like women who have that bit of arrogance. For example, they are attracted to women whom they desire but reject them.

JW: Is that the case? But isn’t that not being honest with your feelings? Of course, being totally open with your feelings can make it difficult. However, in front of the person I love, I feel it is absolutely necessary to be honest and open. I belong to the type who will open up about everything.

Interviewer: Before 7th Level Civil Servant, the roles that you took on belong to the strong, unyielding type. Was it difficult as it was different from your own person?

JW: When I was filming, I became very sharp. I had to create things which do not normally exist within me like the way the character thinks, the frustrations etc. Of course, there are times when I am unable to bring out something that’s opposed to my nature. Because there isn’t, I put in tremendous efforts to ignite those emotions and convey them. In this manner, I had to do many takes for those scenes where I had to portray extreme vileness. It requires a lot more concentration, this is the reality.

Interviewer: Then, it must be more comfortable playing ‘Han Gilro’. Together with Choi Kang Hee-xi, you look really natural. But this role is very diversified. At times, you have to portray happiness, at times being guileless, you’d also have to display charisma and there is also the romance part. It could not have been easy.

JW: Is it? It is because it was a multi-faceted role. In the beginning it was rather difficult but it became more and more comfortable as I act. Usually, don’t even the bad guys become very loving when they are in love? So, on the job it’s also possible to give off the charisma.

Interviewer: Your chemistry with Choi Kang Hee exceeds my expectations. In addition, the acting is good so I don’t feel the age gap.

JW: If I really have to assess, she has the most experience and acting ability among my screen partners. But more than this, Choi Kang Hee-xi has given me a lot of help. Although I was originally a fan of hers, now our relationship is almost like that between a real brother and sister. As everyone knows, this is something of our own freewill. During the filming, more than our own feelings, we have to take care of the other person’s feelings. Because we could act like in our daily interactions, it was definitely more natural than acting according to the script. This time, I learnt a lot of things from Choi Kang Hee noona. I really feel very comfortable and relaxed. I already forgot the age gap issue, Choi Kang Hee has a very youthful countenance and I have become suitably more mature. (Laughs)

Interviewer: You must really like Choi Kang Hee, right? But your hair has been grabbed by Seo Won’s father and been beaten up at least 2 times, this is not the usual standard.

JW: Yes! It was very painful. No matter what, to finish the take in one go, we had to do it for real in our acting. In the last one, when Lee Han Wi sunbae viciously grabbed my hair, my scalp felt as if it was being torn. I even complained about it but gradually I managed to grasp the art of being grabbed.

Interviewer: Although it is a TV drama, your mom must be very upset.

JW: More than my mom, it was my grandmother who felt so. Although I was not really kicked in the vital parts, my grandmother felt a lot of heartache to see that person always being hurt in this manner.

Chinese translation: beshd斯达 on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi


4 thoughts on “Joo Won Naver Interview Part 1

  1. Great interview! thank you for sharing. cute is his grandma; all upset because he kept getting beat up. heehee! who can blame her? viewers like myself got a bit fed up with the way Gil Ro was regularly being beat up. more than anything, he deserves lots and lots of TLC. 🙂

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