Joo Won Naver Interview Part 2

Interviewer: I can see from watching KBS2 ‘Happy Sunday 2N1D’ that you have prepared general knowledge. For 7th Level Civil Servant what have you prepared?

JW: This time, I didn’t prepare much. Because Gilro is a very carefree person who likes to act cool. He is completely different from me. When I first met the director, he said: “You must have lots of fun. Don’t look at the script, just play along.” But my personality is not like that so I couldn’t just not look at all.

Interviewer: When they visited your house, seems like you did practice your general knowledge?

JW (laughs in embarrassment): People my age love to dance so they go Club. But why do I not have any interest in this? What I like to do is to have coffee with my friends in the little café in front of my house or go bowling or song studio. So, even during the period of preparations, I don’t have much thoughts, I just pass time idly. In the beginning for about 2 weeks, it’s training for the filming. During that time, I will grasp the personality of the character. It has always been like this. To immerse into the role and get the emotions, I will give my utmost.

Interviewer: If that’s the case, it’s really amazing. Why do you act crying scenes so well? Are you personally the sort who loves to cry?

JW: Choi Kang Hee-xi also asked me why I cry so well. Normally I don’t often cry. Filming a drama requires the ingenuity of letting your emotions burst out in an instant. On this point, Choi Kang Hee-xi is the best. Usually, one needs to prepare by building up the emotions then the filming can start. Choi Kang Hee-xi does not need any preparation and is able to immerse into the role right away. For a person like me who needs preparation, I really admire her.

Interviewer: I have heard that the correct method is to prepare and practice. But if it’s like that, it may not be able to capture the emotions vividly.

JW: That’s right. When you prepare too well, there’s always this feeling of stiffness? We should do less of that. But at this moment, my acting experience is still very short so I don’t really know how to.

Interviewer: When Ahn Nae Sang-xi was being shot, the earnestness and tears in the acting from the 2 of you were really good.

JW: When we read the script, we figure the possibility of us crying at the scene. I was really worried. But once we entered the actual filming, both of our tears just flowed. It seemed like the emotions from the 3 of us were well synchronized. Ha….at that time, I was really sad.

Interviewer: In the drama, do Dok Ko Yeong Jae and Im Ye Jin treat you very well?

JW: They treat me very well. In the first meeting, they gave me many suggestions on the acting. Recently, they really treat me just like their son. When I see sunbaes like them who have such experience, also looking at the script in detail and preparing, I am learning from them in all aspects.

Interviewer: You are so adorable who wouldn’t like you? How do you get along with colleagues who are around your age?

JW: Isn’t there is high expectation on the ratings when it was said that I will be acting? Of course the reason that a drama has pulled in high rating is not due to me. So I don’t know why it becomes a worry and a feeling of burden. Thankfully, the first half had quite high ratings. Although the ratings have dropped recently but now that I have faced it, my feelings have on the contrary become serene. I don’t feel bad and thinking about it, I feel that it’s not necessary to be too uptight about ratings. Especially when I feel that I have reaped from this drama. The atmosphere on the set is really good. It is so whether among the actors or the staff. I even said to Choi Kang Hee-xi: “Don’t get married.” (laughs) Because I wish that we could act as a couple in other dramas. In this occupation, acting in dramas or movies, no matter how close you were when you were filming, once it is completed, you’d seldom get a chance to meet again. This is probably very different from other jobs. In this way, when I look around me and I can’t find anyone, I become very lonely. Even so, I think I will have the chance to able to meet with Choi Kang Hee-xi, Hwang Chansung-xi and the rest of the colleagues. On the set, Hwang Chansung-xi who is younger than me is a rare person who is very polite and is really very kind.

Interviewer: At the completion, won’t they air rehearsed scenes or NGs? From there, we can feel the warm atmosphere of the team. Heard that when they filmed the individual parts, everyone was dejected, why was that?

JW: We didn’t do anything except film consecutively for days on end, through the nights. We were like dying but once we met our colleagues on the set, we felt really happy, it was amazing. After we met, we talked as we filmed and all the fatigue and lack of sleep just disappeared. So when they filmed us individually like we were expressing our thoughts, it didn’t seem meaningful.

Interviewer: When you are with Choi Kang Hee or Hwang Chansung, was it really like “bilibibang” (fooling around) as you filmed?

JW: Yes, it was. It’s really interesting. There were many times it was different from the script. During the practice, we’d find ways to do it better. So we rehearsed a lot. As long as it doesn’t affect the main plot, we would freely improvise.

Interview: The one who came out at the end, giving directions to the acting is the director?

JW: Yes. He would explain a lot as we rehearsed and try this and that different scenarios.

Interview: Ep 18 ended with a lot of suspense, I am really anticipating. Only those dramas that make viewers anticipate are recognized as meaningful dramas.

JW: I am also curious. Obviously, something happened to Do Ha. I hope that it is not too late for that sort of conflict. Aren’t we left with only ep 19 and 20? If there is any particularly tragic scenario, then for me and Seo Won, won’t it be kind of ridiculous for our romance? So I do not know what will become of it.

Interviewer: I don’t know why but it feels that something bad has happened to Do Ha, I am starting to feel uncomfortable.

JW: I think you will not be able to take it if I and Choi Kang Hee become like that. (laughs) I am totally ignorant. As of now, I have not even film any scenes in ep 19 so I really do not know.

Interviewer: This week, you don’t seem to have any rest and you are going to film “2D1N”, right? But because the “2D1N” team is being dissolved, do you feel uncomfortable?

JW(let out a deep sigh): In the last filming, I cried a lot, everyone was filled with regrets. When we first started filming, I had a dream that even though in ages 40s and 50s, as long as we are able to film well, it will be good. When we heard this news during the last filming, everyone was originally holding it in without a sound or sign. When we saw Seung Woo hyun’s tears, we cried even as we banter. At the closing, all of a sudden, the 7 of us were just lost for words.

Interviewer: In the eyes of the viewers, it was just a working relationship. What was it that made you guys think of doing it for long term?

JW: “2D1N’ is the type of program where we interact closely in a physical sense, we eat together, sleep together. Outside of filming, we often meet up. Of course, we also get to meet at other occasions but the fact that we can’t do this program together makes me feel really sad.

Interviewer: Because of Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun and Uhm Tae Woong, did you receive their care when you were filming ‘Bridal Mask’ or other drama? The other actors also.

JW: No matter what, there are many actors who gave me a lot of help and support. It is very scary to be filming a drama together with ‘2D1N’. Although psychological strength and sleep are different but it seems that being on the film location is where psychological strength comes about. Although I was very tired physically but because I laughed many times, I garnered strength. Before I reached the film location, I would be very lethargic and drowsy but once we meet up, I will be ‘cured’ through the laughing and playing.

Interviewer: So your personality is the type who doesn’t get discontented. Your mother must have had an easy time looking after you. (laughs) Now that the drama is coming to an end, what are your plans?

JW: I am very busy. (laughs) CFs and jobs here and there, I should be very busy.

Interviewer: Although working is good, you don’t have any time to rest. Because you are young, it will be good if you get to experience different things in life, also do more travelling.

JW: I also get to do some of these things whilst on the job. Of course, travelling is very interesting and beneficial. Living like this is also good although it’s very tiring.

Interviewer: Definitely so, it is. I was expecting a face full of fatigue but seeing such a bright face, I am very happy and thankful.

Interviewer’s afterthoughts:

I do not know if it’s his youth or his personality that makes him so energetic and full of zeal. When we were chatting, Joo Won(honorific used, like Mr.) was always so cheerful. His schedule is packed from morning to night and yet he never revealed any sign of fatigue. He did not say anything negative about anyone or any situation, there was not a shred of false pretense, it must be in-born. Or maybe due to his parents’ upbringing? He is often very exquisite. Whatever it is, he is really admirable. He brings forth unbounded positivity to all round him.

Chinese translation: Wily0710 and beshd斯达 on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi


3 thoughts on “Joo Won Naver Interview Part 2

  1. this 2nd part interview was wonderful. JW truly is an insightful and unpretentious young man. so hardworking and very respectful which is testament of how well his parents raised him. another thing i’ve noticed, he may not be booksmart, but he’s quite articulate in his responses 🙂

    man, i got teary eyed reading about Seung Woo’s last episode. i am going to miss the original gang. *sniff sniff*. wishing him all the best……

  2. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Very useful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care
    for such info much. I was looking for this particular
    information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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