Joo Won Covers Up in Selca

Actor Joo Won posted a selca on his official twitter page yesterday, updating his followers with his current frame of mind.

Joo Won wrote, “It’s been a long time since I last came to Morning Calmvillage~ It’s really snug. It’s strange, I’m getting this housewife vibe.”

In the photograph, Joo Won wears a woollen scarf over his chin and an oversized pair of dark sunglasses, obscuring most of his face. Even though it is already spring, Joo Won is still dressing warmly, causing fans to laugh at his inappropriate fashion.

Joo Won’s twitter followers were struck by Joo Won’s 4D character, leaving comments such as, “Joo Won’s too cute”, “Is this the game that actors play?” and “Oppa, what have you been up to recently?”

By:Yeo Kyung Jin



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